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    I want the Plugin like "HeroBrine"
    sry for bad english :D
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    the iloveyouplugin from Hmod would be nice to have again. Afterall who doesnt love Herobrine? Whoever adds herobrine should get cookies and anything else they .=) <3 who ever adds him!
  3. Yeah, loved that plugin, hope its being ported :D
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    i will the plugin so much
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    i seen a Herobrine mod for Hmod i don't see why they wouldn't make one for Bukkit.
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    Also support this.
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    gotta luv it
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    Support! Would love it.
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    I'd certainly add it and tell nobody.

    Having it be less destructive than the hmod one would be good though! Ye Olde Herobrine once tunnelled through a great city of ours around when it first came out so we turned it off after that :p

    If it was like the old one but repaired damage to structures after fifteen minutes or something it'd be perfect!

    I don't know if it's possible, but perhaps make him visible to only one player occasionally? And then walk behind another player, and turn to look at the one who can see him while menacingly taking out a wooden sword?
    Then he'd take one swipe at the person he's behind, and vanish.

    Also, make it possible for him to open doors and press switches, etc
    Perhaps have his name act as though he is sneaking, and let him noclip if somebody gets within 10 blocks.

    So you'll be alone on the server, finishing that last bit of construction after everyone else has gone to bed, and hear footsteps upstairs. "Must be just a cow inside or something", you think.
    You hear your note block doorbell ring.
    Then the door opens.
    Who the hell is that.
    /who shows you are the only one on the server.
    What the fuck what the fuck.
    You run round the corner to see what it is, and there's a man staring at you. His eyes are white. His name, unclear, is Herobrine.
    He is staring at you, standing completely still. You move side to side, and his head turns perfectly to watch you.
    Fear grips you. You yell at him. He doesn't respond, so you run at him, flailing wildly, but he noclips backwards through the glass window, 3 storeys from the ground, and vanishes.
    You don't see him again.
    And nobody will believe you.
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    i agree this plug would be awesome
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    YES PLEASE. But less destructive, as others have said.
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    This! Exactly this!
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    Edward Hand

    All that is certainly doable. Programming all of that in algorithmicly would be a real challenge though.

    EDIT: If you people can put your heads together and work out how the logic of this will work (by which I mean coming up with lists of [Some Trigger] -> [Some Response]) I can certainly translate those ideas into java code for you.
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    This is coming.
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    Yes because clearly nobody would recognize that your server is running the plugin.

    Why does everyone like this, it was a shitty story to begin with.
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    The only ones I can think of are
    Onstart > Start timer x > pick random player
    On get random player > teleport to player > follow
    If timer = x then pick random player.
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    Yea you'd want a random timer, preferably in hours, not minutes.
    And probably to also make him not so obvious, so that people don't always see him, except maybe if they're alone?
    Anyway, normally you'd want him appearing within 3 chunks of the player and perhaps path towards them.
    Absolutely no idea whether you can specify ai pathing, though.

    [server runs, random timer between 12-72 hours starts]
    [timer runs out] -> [pick random behaviour] -> [pick random player] -> [wait until surface light level shows nightfall]

    Behaviour 1:
    [HeroBrine spawns 3 chunks away from player]
    [Herobrine paths towards the player] -> [continues unless the following then continues]
    [if on 7x7 flat plane of any material] -> [build 2-high stone pyramid in exact centre]
    [if near wall with unbroken line of 10 stone/dirt/sand/gravel into the wall] -> [build 2x1 corridor]
    [if within 3 blocks of a switch, pressure plate, door etc] -> [switch, pressure plate, door etc is triggered once]
    [if blocked by wall] -> [path around (float over?)]
    [if any player within 50 blocks] -> [look at player]
    [if any player within 40 blocks] -> [move away]
    [if any player within 20 blocks] -> [noclip backwards 3 blocks and vanish]

    Behaviour 2:
    [Herobrine is visible only to player (player1)]
    [Herobrine searches for other nearby players on surface] - [appears behind second player (player2), visible only to player1]
    [if player1 within 50 blocks] -> [look at player1]
    [if player1 within 40 blocks] -> [equip wooden sword]
    [if player1 within 30 blocks] -> [attack player2 and vanish]
    The attack counts as falling damage for extra spookiness with heroicdeath, etc.

    Behaviour 3:
    [Player cannot move, is it lag?]
    [1 second later] -> [Herobrine is 10 blocks away, crouching]
    [2 second later] -> [Herobrine turns around, rushes towards player]
    [3 second later] -> [Herobrine vanishes]

    After first installing, you'd be disappointed that nobody had seem him yet, and then when somebody finally does a couple of days later you get all excited.
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 7:06 AM ---
    Actually I thought of a simpler, spookier one.

    Every 6 hours, choose random player and do any 3 of
    [if on 7x7 flat plane of any material] -> [build 2-high stone pyramid in exact centre]
    [if near wall with unbroken line of 10 stone/dirt/sand/gravel into the wall] -> [build 2x1 corridor]
    [if within 3 blocks of a switch, pressure plate, door etc] -> [switch, pressure plate, door etc is triggered once]
    without a herobrine character spawning.

    [6 hour timer runs out] -> [Herobrine checks underground for place to spawn]
    [if player below surface AND light level <1] -> [Herobrine character spawns]
    [if light level 1<] -> [Herobrine vanishes]

    This way, were someone to place a torch in a dark cave, they might see herobrine for a split second and lose their shit.
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    I want this now.
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    what a lovely idea :D (like)
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    then do it yourself!
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    Still waiting ^^
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    i want this :3
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    This...... Is...... Amazing...... But what is it? Like a stalker minecraft guy or something?
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    no he's a mod person who does some strange things but i dont now. is he in the game?
    some people said there was Herobrine but they havent any mods but yeah i don't now much about it
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    Zenexer should add this in Essentials without telling anyone since it's a commonly used plugin :)
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    I'm looking forward this.

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