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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Emerson, Oct 29, 2011.

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    So when a new player joins that need to do like .spam=I Accept Rules=100 to be accepted. It would work like /acceptrules but with that command
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    Wait, so you want them to spam chat with the same entry 100 times to be accepted?
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    no, if they spam, then get banned, also if they try and accept the rules more then like 5 times in a second, they also get banned. if they just enter it once, then they are good
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    Geoff Winans

    That makes no sense.
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    ok. lets say im a new player. i log onto a server with a hacked client. I need to do the command .spam=ACCEPT RULES=100 to be accepted. I think "AWWW SHIT! i cant do that. I would just spam ACCEPT RULES 100 times in chat!" So i do it anyways. The server realized i tryed to accept the rules too many times in a certain timeframe and so it dosent let me accept the rules.

    Now lets say im new WITHOUT a hacked client. So i log on and realize that i need to do the command .spam=ACCEPT RULES=100. I think to myself "ok i dont have a hacked client so it will jsut accept the rules." so i do the command ONCE and get accepted.

    Make sence?
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    Not all hacked clients have .spam. Decent ones have a different chat input box that doesn't send the .command to the server.

    Your logic is flawed.
  7. Ok if I understand correctly:
    When a new player joins they need to type /acceptrules to be able to play.

    I second this.

    What about,
    The serverrules spamming a new players screen (spout).
    If the player fails to type /acceptrules 3 times they get the banhammer (configurable).

    This would solve bot attacks, I pissed some Yiff users off.
    I keep getting botattacks now and then, they come on with 200 players+ trying to crash the server.
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    Hacked clients, do not send the .%command% to the server, the actual client checks before It sends the chat to the server wether or not it is a client command. Note: Some modded clients (Such as SpoutCraft) have built-in client only commands. Some of spoutcraft's built in commands are: /? and /client gc or something similar. So this is not possible unless people install a client mod that monitors what they type and sends it to the server.
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    ok i see the flaw in my idea. but i still like MiRROW's idea
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    So you're forcing users to use SpoutCraft? It's not hard to send /acceptrules to the server 3 times with a hacked client.

    In the end, it's impossible to block hacked clients. Hell, I could download the SpoutCraft source and build a hacked client off of that.
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    yeah i see the flaws. Thanks for the feedback :)
  12. Blegh, you need to start somewhere. This would block most clients you can find if you don't know where to look.
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    It's pretty simple to make a hacked client spout compatible, and it has already been done by some of them. That's really no way to do security.

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