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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by fuegoMinera, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Hi there!
    I'm seeking for someone to make plugin for me. I need something like this:

    Name: MyGuilds
    Short description:Player casts command "/guild create [tag] [fullname]" and this gives him guild with name and tag like he declared. Command gives him guild cuboid, which size can be declared in config file (ex. 50 block in each direction from point thats he standing). Command need to change his above-head name to "[tag] nickname" and change color for other players to red, but for guild members see him in green (inviting should (but it's not important to add) contains payment for joining, declared in config, like what item and amount). Plugin should give player possibility to give ally to other guild, and change color of nick from red to blue.

    Commands for plugin:
    /guild create [tag] [full-name] - creates guild for player and gives him guild cuboid
    /guild close - leader can close guild if he want
    /guild add [nick] - guild leader can invite player
    /guild discard [nick] - guild leader can discard member if wants
    /guild leave [guild tag] - member can leave guild if he wants
    /guild alliance [tag] - leader can give another guild alliance
    /guild enemy [tag] - this command close alliance with guild with declared tag
    /guild set leader [nick] - command set leader of guild
    /ban guild [tag] - ban whole players from guild which have declared tag

    For player it would be: myguilds.player.*
    child permissions:
    create -- /guild create
    close -- /guild close
    addmember -- /guild add
    removemember -- /guild discard
    alliance -- /guild alliance
    enemy -- /guild enemy
    changeleader -- /guild set leader
    For admins it would be: myguilds.admin.*
    all permission are the same like in myguilds.player.*, but wityh one more: myguilds.admin.banguild

    If you want more details, because you think something isn't clear contact me at mail: [email protected]
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    No, I've tested SimpleClans, but I need plugin like I've descriped. Simple Clans doesn't change above-head nicks, deosn't creates cuboid and I don't like his chat changing stuff, so no you're not right, sorry :(

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