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    I was looking through some nice plugins to add to my server, and thought, what if my players had the option to gamble? I was doing some research on other plugins like this, and found nothing! I am suggesting that someone who knows how to make a good plugin should take my idea, and make a plugin that allows people to gamble! Maybe even make their own place where people can gamble their money to the owner of the place. I would like to see a plugin like this, also I would like to see the plugin be able to use Permissions 3, and iConomy. I have a "Merchant" Rank on my server and I would like only the Merchant rank to be able to make a gambling place. So, anyone up to use my idea and make a plugin like this? If you do take the idea, can you please give me a shoot out on the post of the plugin! Thanks to who ever makes this plugin, - Justin
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    There are casino and slot machine plugins available that you may want to take a look at.
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    I was working on a poker plugin but switched my focus.
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    Search slots. It's a good slot machine plugin that lets players set up their own machines, has permissions and is pretty much just what you are looking for.
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    I have a Casino plugin that has been getting some pretty positive feedback. So far it has Blackjack and Slot Machines and will be expanding to include new games eventually. Here is the link.

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