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    Plugin Category: MECH? Idk. Maybe FUN but yeah, I dont know.

    Suggested Name: Health Pack or Packs of Health

    What I want: I would like to request a health pack plugin where you can set specific parts of a map where a health pack will spawn every x-amount of seconds (configurable) for any player who comes along and gets it. Also, if you make this, yes I'm talking to YOU, could you make it so that there are differently sized texture packs? The bigger they are the more they heal? If so that'd be nice. Thanks!

    Ideas for commands:
    /hpset - Sets a health pack block (pack will spawn above block looking like a drop or something)
    /hpdel - Deletes a health pack block
    /hpreload - Reloads the plugin ^-^

    Ideas for permissions:
    Healthpack.pickup - Allows player with node to pick up the health pack
    Healthpack.block.set - You know this
    Healthpack.block.delete - And this
    Healthpack.reload - ...and this

    When I'd like it by:
    As soon as possible :p
    (P.s. I don't mind if I will need Spout or not :D)


    ...Please? Me begsef ;( I posted this at 10:40 PM and it's 12:14 AM :p

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    I'm searching the javdocs for yah.
    if I can do it. I'll make it... However we'll see.
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    :D Thank you so much!
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    hmm... what if I just set it to a item drop that no one uses. Instead of having to go so far as to make a new item.
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    I'm searching the javdocs for yah. [​IMG]
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    Can't you use it with spout and make it so it's just flint with a random id? If not I guess that would be fine but if you could that'd be great

    Oh and I gotta sleep now, sorry
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    You can't make new items without spout.
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    Hey, if you're still looking for this to be done with spout, I could do it for you :)

    Although just so you know, it'd mean that only players using the spoutcraft launcher would see the custom texture, others would see a normal item, but still get the effect.
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    Well I know that :3 if you could that would be nice, I'm running a spout-based server.

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