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    Plugin Category: Chat Related

    Suggested Name: Forced Grammar (How original!)

    A Bit About me: The administrator of a server where grammar is practically essential.

    What I Want: A plugin that will capitalize the first letter of every message; will replace certain phrases as would be found here.
    The plugin would also, if no punctuation (? / . / : / ; / !) is found at the end of the message, a period ( . ) is placed at the end of the message instead.

    Ideas for Commands: None needed.

    Ideas for Commands: None needed.

    When I'd like it by: Doesn't matter ^_^

    Similar Requests: None.

    Devs Who Might be Interested: I'm not all too familiar with the developers around here. Not sure.

    Thanks in advance!
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    That's a really cool idea. I'm working on another plugin for someone else at the moment but if it's not picked up by the time I come back, I'll hit this up. =)

    It's so aggrivating.. whun pepol cant writ werds as simpul as "hi" or "please" without doin sumthin as retarded az sayin "hai" or "plz!"
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    I want this. O: If this were developed, would it be able to neutralize random caps in the middle of words and use a form of "smart exceptions?" (For example, "HeY GuYz" turns into "Hey guys."; whereas "Go to McDonalds" stays unedited) I have a player on my server who uses random caps and it is sooooo annoying -_-
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    Don't forget a llama option.
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    Well, you can go ahead and suggest your 'Smart Forced Grammar' plugin elsewhere, afistofirony ^_^

    petteyg359 : wut
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    This is a great idea hope a dev picks it.I really need this for my servers i would be great
    for ideas the plugin if good enough it could use other languages
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    Wertd a perod? :p
    Sounds neat.
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    See various Countersrike admin mods. Llama-mode replaces all chat text from the targetted user with animal noises or self-insulting phrases. I'd use it on you for refusing to spell "what" properly, you moron.
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    Saying wut has nothing to do with having bad grammar, you moron.
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    Please explain how usage of non-words is unrelated to poor grammar. Whether through laziness or stupidity or both, the result is the same. On that note, you should change your signature; despite its grammatical correctness, it is illogical.
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    Simply because "wut" is not meant to be used as a correct sentence. Even people with perfect grammar say "wut".
    Also, what do you mean "It is illogical" ?
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    I'll give it a go. Just one question, which characters would you consider to be suitable endings?
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    Actually, people with perfect grammar do not say 'wut', as upon saying 'wut' their grammar becomes imperfect.
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    ReddChicken, the punctuation is listed within parentheses within the OP.
    To ensure I didn't leave it out, these characters (forward-slashes used for separation) are punctuation:
    ? / . / : / ; / !
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    Iv'e seen a server with the Plugin your looking for they made it so when your typing it it come up in yellow saying the word your looking for,

    > idk=I dont know (click)
    > I dont know
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    That would require a client side plugin, or MIGHT (never worked with spout) be able to happen through spoutclient
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    That's what I am saying how will bukkit know if it's a simple Question I could only think at the end it would have "! . ?" and you click whitch ones, Bukkit isn't that kind of the plugin the reads your sentences and corrects it. Spout On the other hand might.
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    Small suggestion, ReddChicken, make the word replacement list configurable. Would be quite easy to do.
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    Sounds good Darq

    Sabinno: That's the plugin finished to your specification, along with Darq's suggestion.
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