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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by RESPRiT, Jul 19, 2011.

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    So, I like to keep in touch with my players when I'm on the fly using Dynmap, because I can use it on my iPhone. The one thing that kinda bugs me is that the chat is kinda poor.

    I'm requesting a Dynmap add-on that will do some of these features:
    • Make chat messages last longer.
    • Allow people using DynMap chat to change their display name from something that's not their IP address.
    • Allow the use of commands from the DynMap chat.
    • Have a viewable chat history.

    If some or all of these things aren't possible, I understand, but if they are, I would appreciate it if someone could make something happen.

    That's all.
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    This sounds great, I'd love to see someone make this!

    Bumpity Bump...
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    Double bump. I got excited because I forgot I was in the request section. Someone make this!
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    I've often wondered why it didn't allow you to change your username. This would be a great addition to DynMap.
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    Would there have to be some password people set when playing so that other's don't pretend to be them in chat?
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    U should log in on ur account with ur usernMe and password

    This wou,d be awsomse since I do the same as u
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    Yes and they'd have to set their password from in game.
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    Great ideas guys, I am hoping this is picked up, looks really good
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    this is a really great idea would love to see this come to life.
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    I would love this

    From In-Game you can say
    /dm passwordset password

    There would be a log-in screen like there is with IRC chat
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    This would be great! DynmapChat+ or something...

    I personally don't use Dynmap anymore, because it lags my server. But I never really liked the chatting...

    I support whoever makes this plugin. :)
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    Wow, I realized there are all of these features included already, you just need to play with the config a bit.. You can make messages stay longer, set a log-in from in-game....

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