(REQ) Disable Ice and snow melting in a specified zone or area

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    I'm looking for a solution that would disable Ice and snow melting in a specified area, I'm currently working on a huge Ice/Snow Castle and I can't figure out any safe ways to use any form of lights on it cause all of them will melt the ice I use for the walls I'm not exactly sure if some plugins can already do this, I've seen some but if I understand all of them disable the whole world Ice/Snow melting and not only a specified area like in Izone I can disable mob spawning and such in a specified area only, this is the kind of thing I'm looking for right now.

    Commands to use : some simple ones like maybe /setIce Melt Off /SetSnow Melt Off but in a way that you can right click with a tool (wood tools perhaps) to specify the area

    I know this isn't exactly formated like it should, but I've tried my best to do it.

    Just a quick note : I need this for the current craftbukkit 1.2.5 r4.0 or better since its for a tekkit server that won't update to the 1.3 for at least a few months.
  2. I can try to do this.
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    I've heard its a hell to make it work correctly and extremely complex, it can cause lag and loads of problems too, for the needs I have, I'm running a small private invite only whitelisted server so no need to use a protection that is designed for a larger open public server.
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    ... I've never heard that. It's really easy, there's a cheatsheet for flags... Small server or big server, it's great. Have you tried it and found these accusations to be true?
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    Didn't try because another major problem is I don't have any kind of permission setup on my server, just checked how to set them up and backed up quickly, too hard to do this, I just want to play the game, not give me a headache on figuring out the permissions to setup properly for only 4 persons and only one of them would need permission anyways since all the others are OP. I'll check some youtube tutorials (if worldguard doesn't have any tutorials there, I won't even touch it)
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    I have world edit and world guard with no permissions system, no setting up, I simply put the 2 plugin files into my plugins folder as with any plugin and it was all done. these plugins are great for both private and public servers.

    simply put these two files into your plugins folder, start up the server and your done.
    download them here:

    once you have downloaded the files:
    type "//wand" and select the 2 corners of the cube (with right and left click)that you want to set ice to not melt, "/region define (the name of your castle)",
    "/region flag (regionname) ice-melt deny".

    as for no tutorial:

    for a little extra fun with your friends and to show off:​
    /region flag (regionname) notify-enter yes​
    /region flag (regionname) notify-leave yes​
    (this will say "you are now entering/leaving (regionname)"​
    so make sure the name is good)​
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    It's all but hard, and it has always worked flawlessly for me in the past two years.
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