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  1. I want my users to have creative mode access.
    However of course... you then will find no one ever leaves creative mode.

    Survival mode is the real meat and potatos. it's where you want to be (once your epic creative is complete!)

    What I'm thinking is a system that grants you time to use in creative mode. After time expires it boots you back into survival mode 0.

    Plugin would use its own unique/game mode command. Not the default /gamemode [name] [0,1]

    2 ways it could work.

    - 1. Simply a time limit could be set in a config file.

    Or a much cooler idea and why I'm posting this.
    -2 Creative mode time can be gained by taking part in things like, mining (bonus points for ore!), walking, farming, killing mobs ...so on.

    Anyone interested in making an idea like this? Thanks for reading.
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    To add to that, the config could include a limit on each block (for example DiamondBlock = 2) So that people don't abuse the more valuable blocks, but have the advantage of building in creative (even if it's just Stone and flying). All of those features added would make a lovely plugin.
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    I will try....
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    Any news on this?

    Currently starting up a HUGE server and wanted to add this as one of the first things to use..
    Its great to create and all but it shouldn't drag you away from the main aim of the game.. "Mine...Craft" :p

    If you can manage to get something like this working let me know. I'll be happy to test it ;)
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    Shouldn't be too hard, it should be similar to my plugin AntiAddict. You need a timer which counts down while the player is in CREATIVE-Mode. ;)
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    Would be awesome.

    Tried to see if he was still working on it however he hasn't been on since that post :S
    Almost got my server ready to go.. just want a few more scrips first and this would be one of them :p

    Another I'm looking for is a script that shows what group your are in when you chat.
    (Example: PermissionsBukkit has groups that allow you to do some things and not others based on what group your in (although I guess you all know this ;) ) and what I was hoping to do is when you walk about and chat it shows your group eg Mod/Admin/Guest next to the name.)

    If you could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

    ServerAddress: [email protected]
    Maybe see you about :p
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    @CovertHoax This may be what you are looking for for prefixes, as for the creative mode timer I will put it on my todo list and when I get to it if @TehRandomGuy hasn't stated he is working on it I will do it.
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    Awesome dude.
    Now going to take a peek at prefixes hopefully it is what I'm after. (Trying not to go to of topic)

    Let me know how it goes ^_^
    And thanks again ^_^
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    If i could code this would be one of my first things to do
    I would love this to work
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    Hey I requested this before, except I asked for the ability to use economy plugins to pay for time. The dude making it didn't respond though.
  12. Hey anyone still wanna code this? Help me slap my creative mode habit in half.

    *and also if possible make it so even in creative mode to break block you must have a pickaxe (config true or false) of some kind in hand. No bare handing breaks, Bare hand instant break leads to many accidents (by me!)
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    I can do it if the coder is inactive.
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