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    Suggested name: AvatarCharacter

    What I want: Hello, I'm about to set up a Avatar role playing server. I will explain everything. This plugin will also contains chat commands. Well, every player will be have a Character and a Helper/ Mod + will be allowed to add the char. I mean, everytime they login; they will keep playing with the last Character they left of with. They don't need to re-type the everything again and again. The Staff would be be able to edit this players Nation (Color) Name etc.

    Other will be able see there prefix e,g:
    Normal User ~ Lio (Yellow for AirNation) <username>:
    Staff (Mod) ~ [M] (T Show there a Mod) Iroh (Red for Firenation) <username>:
    Extra Prefix ~ Firelord Zuko <username>:
    ^ ^
    Extra Prefix RP Characters Name (Red for FN)

    Ideas for commands: /c ~ Shows List of Commands
    /c add [username] [charname] [nation]~ Only For Helpers/Admin+
    /c del [username] [charame] ~ Only For Helpers/Admin+
    /c add prefix [username] [charname] [prefix] [prefixcolor] ~ Will Show like this Firelord (Prefix) Zuko (Char Name) TheCreative_Mind(Username): ~ Only For Helpers/Admin+
    /c Switch [charname] ~ This Will Switch there Char. ~ Everyone
    /c list ~Will Show a List of the Roleplay Characters of the user.

    Only commands that will show for the Registered Users or Guests when they do /c is:
    /c Switch [charname]
    /c list

    /c ooc ~ Will them go back to there normal display name e,g [Mod] TheCreative_Mind
    Then to go back to RP mode do /c switch and so On

    ~ Builder
    [T] ~ Trusted
    [M] ~ Mod
    [A] ~ Admin
    [O] ~ Owner


    Nation would be the colour of Charname:
    Air ~ Yellow
    Fire ~ Red
    Earth ~ Green
    Water ~ Blue

    Username Means the username of the Minecraft Character. For e.g My Minecraft username is TheCreative_Mind so When Im doing the command /c add [username] [charname] [nation] and My RP Char was Kalsang and he was and Airbender and I write:
    /c add TheCreative_Mind Kalsang Air - So When I do /c switch Kalsang... My writing will show up as:

    Kalsang TheCreative_Mind: ..... (Writing) ........

    Where as if I put the Prefix in as High Monk It look like:
    High Monk Kalsang TheCreative_Mind ..........

    When you code it if You put a underscore in it will show as a space E.g - If You wrote High_Monk for a prefix it will show up as High Monk

    Ideas for permissions: Not Sure, Hoping you could work it out.

    When I'd like it by: Soon but whenever is possible.

    If You need any answer just ask on this post.

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