[REQ] Change villagers trading recipes - 1.3

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by xcanner, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Whenever Bukkit for 1.3 is out, it would be nice to have a plugin where you can change villagers trading "recipes"!

    As it is now in vanilla, I dont think it's balanced for SMP, you can eg. exhange papir to emeralds and emeralds to diamonds, which potentially can mess with a servers economy.
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    1.3.x has not been fully released yet, by either Mojang or Bukkit, The Bukkit staff are working very hard on making the new craft Bukkit ready for 1.3.x, so go watch a move then when 1.3.x comes out, come back with this request.
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    I'm sure this will be possible with set data
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    Yep, Let's wait for 1.3 -- although I'm sure a ton of people want this, including myself. Honestly, this entire trading idea sucks. Seems like Mojang is more concerned about vanilla servers, when honestly, how many decent, popular servers are --vanila-- not Bukkit? :eek:
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    If someone doesn't write a decent trading customizer, I will. (assuming it's exposed in the API)

    The default trading recipes are really meh.
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    I guess we'll have to see how the new Bukkit API is with 1.3
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    Whats wrong with making a request before 1.3 is out?
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    It gets forgotten :3
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    It wont work...
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    Wont work? Im not requesting it now, but requesting the plugin to be made whenever 1.3 is out and the API is there for it...
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  12. I am pretty sure the slots in Villager trading screen will have data numbered slots and it will be a matter of some code like this

    Entity entity = event.getEntity();
    if(entity instanceof Villager){
    Villager villager = (Villager)entity;
    villager.getInventory().get(2).set(new ItemStack(Material.Diamond, 1));
    if you wanted to make the outcome diamond

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