[REQ] BukkitContrib Achivments meets Iconomy

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    I hope you understand the following idea becaus me english is not very well ^^.
    When this kind of plugin already exist pls tell me the link.

    My Idee is a Plugin which used the Achivment System from BukkitContrib to show the Player how much money [Iconomy] they have, Like in GTA.
    I didn't know much about the way Contrib or Java Coding work so they are to ways, I hope one will work, the plugin can work.

    1. The Plugin shows at any Time the Achivment Bubble with the Money from the player, but should a normal Achivment pops of the Money Bubble disapper and reapper after the normal Achivment is gone.

    2. The Plugin shows the Money of the Player only by special events. Like pay or get money,moving,breakblocks ore something else.

    I think One Problehm by way 1. is to get the Achivment Bubble dont disapper after some time.

    I hope you like or understand my idea and somebody tried to code a plugin like this.

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