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  1. Plugin Category: Mechanics/ RPG

    Plugin's Suggested Name: Blacksmith Forge

    What I Want: I want a plugin that forces players to craft anything involving Iron/Gold/Diamond at a forge made of lava (arrows too). It will stop players being able to craft anything involving metal at a regular workbench. When a player right-clicks on a lava block it opens a workbench GUI that won't craft anything without a metal or diamond involved in the crafting recipe. The forge would be shaped with two lava side-by-side surrounded by double-stone-slabs. The main purpose of this plugin would be to add a way to smith instead of just craft anything from raw materials. All crafting recipes would remain the same.

    Command Ideas: None

    Ideas for Permissions: None

    When I Would Like This By: As soon as possible, but take your time. I don't want a rushed and poor plugin.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You can't click an lava block
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    timtower - actually you can rollback through the blocks between that clicked and the player looking for a lava block, should work the same.

    MasculineBulldog - I do plan to eventually design a system similar to this (detailed a little here: Advanced Crafting - the system I had in mind is a little different, let me know what you think) but it's been over a year and I'm still too busy with OtherDrops/otherstuff to start just yet :\

    note to others: I'm not starting yet so if you feel up to it, go ahead :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Good point, hadn't thought of that. Won't be making this though
  5. @Zaruis I think it is a brilliant idea and way more advanced. I think your ideas are more complex but also more realistic and that is what I want my server to be.

    Zarius Another one of my plugin ideas that also ties in fairly close to the link you posted.

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    MasculineBulldog I'm just going to throw this out there - not making any negative judgements on this idea though - Players don't like it when you change core mechanics of Minecraft, and you better have a damn user friendly method of teaching your idea to the players on you server, otherwise people will quit because they cannot craft their armor and weapons.

    I'm just speaking from personal experience, as my first attempt at a server crashed and burned when I tried changing the core mechanics of how Minecraft worked. Some things are just too complicated to be realistic.

    Edit: Also, how am I supposed to move lava to my forge when I can not craft up a bucket in the crafting table? Just a thought
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    slimedog007 - wooden buckets! :D Just be quick to move the lava before the bucket catches fire ;)

    Personally I was thinking of using the furnace (as real blacksmiths don't actually use lava :D) which wouldn't require buckets to be crafted first.
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    Zarius That is a good point, but how would the furnace 'know' what item you want to craft? The only way I could see it is by the amount of materials, so if you put 4 diamonds into a furnace, it would output boots, if you put 8, it would output a tunic.
  9. slimedog007 Zarius Could it be made so you craft the item/block but have to put it in the furnace to finish it and use it? So, for example, Player crafts iron boots but they can't be worn until they are smelted in the furnace. Or iron sword that does fist damage until smelted then it does iron swords normal damage. Then you have a fairly effective smithing system that doesn't change that much from vanilla mincraft
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    slimedog007 MasculineBulldog

    I haven't finished considering the process properly yet (lack of time with IRL & OtherDrops) but the basic idea was to follow close to actual blacksmithing process. I did a bunch of reading on the process a few months ago but can't find the document at the moment so not sure if it's quite right.

    * Place iron bars in furnace to receive "heated iron", hammer down (perhaps just bang many times against the anvil) into an "iron rod" (which could be used to do slightly more than fist damage).
    * Optionally keep hammering to get a stone sword - renamed as "Rough Sword" or something
    * Heat again, hammer down into sword edge
    * Optionally normalise (heat and slowly cool)
    * Optionally heat treat (heat & quench)

    Gold & Diamond swords would be just higher quality swords. Could mix in some extra materials for effects & the idea is to have some more hidden benefits to learning the process, either via a mentor blacksmith or tips could be given randomly depending on time spent blacksmithing (in game skill).

    Hadn't properly considered armor making yet.


    Also, I recogonise this would be more of a niche market but I'd like to see people specialise into making tools/weapons/armour for the server rather than just everyone being able to create the same stuff. Basic tools would still be needed but you can still use leather armour (until we create a process for that :D) & can still craft a wooden sword for basic defense :) You would still be able to craft wooden & stone tools as per normal.

    @ any one considering making this - feel free to use these ideas :)
  11. Maybe a way to tan leather? You could use a certain block and click on it with leather then with a Stone sword.
  12. Zarius I like your smithing idea but as slimedog007 said earlier most people don't like it when game mechanics are changed drastically. I think (but I am biased) that my furnace smithing concept doesn't change mechanics too much and would be much simpler to make.
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    I like Zarius 's idea. How do you know people won't like it? Yeah, those players looking to have every diamond sword and armor as quick as possible might find it annoying, but those players who find it a challenge would like it. I think it's a great idea, I would love to take this on. :)

    As for determining what items craft into what, you can use item metadata to determine stages of items. And why not use the anvil? I find that more realistic than a furnace. Or a combo of the two. Smelt some metal, pound it into a sword on the anvil.

    MasculineBulldog you can inhibit the items until smelted or put through some process. It would use item metadata.

    What I'm not big into is the different items from the game. I (opinion) would want to keep vanilla items, not try to code existing ones into new ones. To me, that would make it too complex to play. I just like the idea of more realistic armor and weapons making.
  14. FunnyGopher Anyone who wishes minecraft was more realistic would like it but for those who enjoy the simplicity and ease of minecraft wouldn't stay long in that server. I know if I didn't like realism and joined a server with this plugin on I would hate it until I got used to it, which takes time. Personally I love the idea of taking items to a forge, then smashing them into shape on an anvil and then having to cool it. But I think having to repeat the process many times over is too much. The concept would be fine in the plugin that Zarius wants to make. As it's own plugin, just repeat the process once or twice.

    Also would it be possible, through url, to give smithing a new GUI?

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    Yeah yeah, just one process. I wouldn't want to do it over and over again. About the GUI part, I don't know you what you mean "through url"?

    Okay, so I think I got ahead of myself. I realized how many projects I actually have open and don't think I'm going to be able to start this one anytime soon. Sorry to back out on you like that. :/

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  16. FunnyGopher I have seen plugins that force textures on people, like the werewolf plugin, and was wondering if it was possible to do that for the smithing GUI.
    And I don't mind if you can't do it. :) At least you though about it.
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    MasculineBulldog Again, if you are going to make people download things to play on your server, you are totally defeating the purpose of Bukkit. Minecraft Servers are meant to be played on without any hassle what so ever, and making people learn to techniques of crafting is just a hassle for them and they won't stay long.

    Personally, I don't mind a challenge. In fact, I think Minecraft is too easy, and there needs to be a hard mode that brings the challenge into the game. Unfortunately, the majority of the players who play on Minecraft public, non-whitelisted servers are ages 8-14ish, and the sad truth is none of them want to learn new things. For the most part, people who join my server just want to log in, get enchanted diamond equipment as fast as possible, and wipe out every other player who joins.

    I would be more than happy to work on a 'Hard Mode' Minecraft Server with anyone who wants to help, but the chances of it becoming popular are slim if too many major mechanics are changed. (Maybe I'm just a pessimist.) There is a fine line between challenging and annoying, making the whole setup of said server a difficult process. And when it's all said and done, and you have run your server for a while, new players who join are going to be so far behind the main stream that they will have no choice to quit.
  18. slimedog007 Didn't see the spout craft requirements until just then.
    Can anyone take this on?
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    Zarius made this so complex that it scare all the dev's away xD
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    Samthelord1 - any dev's considering this should be reading the opening post rather than my ideas :p
  21. Anyone up to doing this?

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