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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by KollegahDerBoss, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Mmk. Ah well, I was just mentioning an example.

    And that is a bit repetitive :p But nicely phrased.
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    Nope. Spoutcraft is open source and it is entirely possible for hacked clients to be based upon them and has already been done.
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    No one is safe from the wrath of "hax". :( :3
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    this wont work coz nodus client now has a new gui it does not use the chat bar it has a console now lol so it wont work :( now you cant stop them
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    i think there is a way, the ONLY way is : Block ALL types of key's when they need to log in except /
    and make the /login command a nodus command, its a much better long lasting way, because than the nodes guy need to change the command name everytime
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    There was once a way to bypass oreobstuficator, back in the version where the client got the servers world seed, the client could then work out where the ores would be placed and then display those ores.

    Also, i think the only way to stop hackers would be using a honeypot, e.g. have an unprotected chest hidden under the grass and then when they use xray and find it and open it, reverse their changes and ban them.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Not a bad notion, but doesn't work if they have even one alt account.
  8. A plugin that bans the users on the nodus irc
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    IP ban and username ban, then most griefers will be too annoyed to join again with another alt after their second alt has been banned.
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    Deleted user

    Nodus is impossible to prevent. I believe NoCheat does block some of it's features, such as Aimbot and whatever, but most of the features are unstoppable.
    Unless EvilSeph or Notch sues the person who has released Nodus, there is no way for us developers to stop all the features of it.
    If a moderator could lock this thread, that would be great, because we have pointless arguments going on here.
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    This is the 141st comment. We've established that it's not possible to directly block Nodus; instead, server owners need to take preventative measures against Nodus and other hack clients.

    With that being said, I kindly request that this be locked. :3 TnT
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