[REQ] ANTI Cobble Monster Plugin - Lava + Water = No Cobble

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by supayoshi1, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Hi, I've been searching this forever! And noone knows a plugin for it! I would really like to see an Anti Cobble Monster Plugin for Faction Servers and PVP servers, Cobble Monsters mess up stuff, and admins are usually asked to remove them, and they are build way to fast.

    Also people missuse it to grief, I would like to see something like lava + water = nothing happens, or lava + water = air?
    Who knows, :) THank you all!

    What is a Cobble monster: Skip to 5.03
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    Yes someone please make this! the lag is so horrible because of one, people make these things waaaay to much and it just ruins the server causing soooooo much server lag
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    I'll have to see how they cause problems. I have a cobblestone factory with Chestshop + pistonchest. Once the 3 chests get low, I have a loop system setup to cycle through until it's full.

    Otherwise, I don't notice any lagg on my server when I and a few other players have the factories running at the same time.

    Thought I'd note: in MC 1.0, if lava and water hit just right, stone can be made as well.
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    Yep i know that, i don't know if you know how big cobble monsters can be made? Pretty big, check it out once,
    Also yes I mean also disable stone, but stone doesnt get generated on a cobble monster, so that is okay.
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    wtf is a cobble monster?
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    See the video please 5.03
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    ya um they get huge, the one on the supayoshi1s server near our base is like 100 blocks high
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    Cobble generators arnt the problem that i get, its the stupid obsidian makers that tick me off :p
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    Yes but that could be added to this plugin too? Well i dont care about obsidian, you ahve to work hard to make it anyway but cobble monsters are just... insane.
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    WormholeXtremeWorlds has a protection option to stop lava flow. I am using that on my server because lava is hard to remove, but maybe it also works to prevent stone generation.
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    We want lavaflow, because its neat with raiding and defending! We just do not want lava + water = cobble
    Please make a plugin for that :D
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    Andy Candyman

    I know its a bit late, but I've coded a simple fix for this for my server.
    Its based of the ObsidianFlow plugin, but doesn't use any of its actual features, just its flow detection code.

    I wont make it a formal plugin or anything, because its such a small fix, but if anyone else wants to the source code is in the jarfile. You can download it at http://info.auscraft.xhair.net/puppies/NoCobblecano.jar

    I wont provide support for the plugin, or warranty. Use it at your own risk. Detection of lava and water flow is a bit sketchy too, so it might have some unpredictable results, but Ive tested it and it stops the production of Cobblecanos at least

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