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  1. Since breeding was introduced, the animals spawn very rarely, and new players have little animals to kill to get food, and usually they starve to death.

    I need a plugin that would make animal spawning common like before the breeding update. Well perhaps a bit more rare, so animals don't spawn at everybody's front yard.

    I belive many servers could use this kind of plugin, cuz my server is pretty small and we're facing food-shortage problems
  2. Still no offers, is it possible to make a plugin like this?
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    This is easy, very easy actually. The question is if you want those mobs to spawn only near players or not. This can be done within 10 minutes, maybe a bit longer if u want a proper config setup. Not kidding. PM me, incase noone does, though i might need some time for it, cuz im busy.
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  4. Well I would like the mobs to spawn like they did before breeding was introduced. So they spawn everywhere not just near players. The spawn rate should be also the same as before breeding, since we don't want players to "drown" in the crowd of cows, but so that small groups(up to 5 animals) of them pop up somewhere randomly.
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    Here you go. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34019955/MobSpawning.zip
    It also includes a config.
    the node checkingIntervall is how many milliseconds should be between spawns. Well you set it to like 60000 (1 min intervall) or whatsoever. Depends on how u want it.

    the also is a list-node maxMobsInWorlds: , which includes things like:
    - world:20000

    "world" must be the worldName and the number is the maxAmount of mobs u want in the world. The worlds not appearing that list, will not be included in the spawning system.

    Hope its well explained, and u like it :).
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  6. Thank you very much!
    I'm testing it now and trying to find new animals.

    I really appreciate you helping me. :)
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    Dude... I was just looking for something like this! Thanks BlackHawkLex
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    You'r welcome, mate :). I'm glad that it helps people!
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    Mathieu Legault

    Thanks very much thats what i was looking for but could you send me the source code please? id like to modify a few things.. Thank you very much
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    BlackHawkLex Whaat, nicely done dude!
    Not going to use it, but fast and neat!
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    BlackHawkLex, now the mobs are spawning in large groups all over the place. Do I need to tweak the interval?
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    Well Xickle wanted them to spawn in groups. You can either set down the max amount of mobs for the world, beacuse if its reached, there will not spawn any more mobs or u can set a higher intervall. Both things are possible.

    And here is the source for anyone who is interested: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34019955/MobSpawner_Source.zip
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    Aaaah. OK. I'll tweak the source a little. Thanks :)
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    Is this compatible with 1.3.1 ??

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