[REQ] Animal fights plugin. (mob fights)

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    [CATAGORY] Fun/Mech

    [Commands] /mobfight /mobfight team "NAME HERE" /mobfight start /mobfight hep Another way to type it can be /mf

    Perms: mobfight.help mobfight.use mobfight.start mobfight.team

    Mobfight.help will let them see the help

    Mobfight.use will let them right click the mobs they want to fight

    mobfight.start is so they can start the fight

    mobfight.team lets them create teams of mobs. IE Team 1: Creeper and zombies vs Team 2: Skeletons

    [DESCRIPTION] I have this idea for a mod, now, i have a big forest arena made for player vs mobs or pvp, but i really wanted to have mob vs mob fights. The idea for this plugin is if you type something like /mobfight or /mf and right click all the mobs you want to fight, they all engage in battle when you type something like /mobfight start or /mf start. You could also make teams, like Blue Red Green etc etc, like have wolves vs creepers, creeper FFA, zombies vs skeletons. If anyone would be kind enough to make this plugin that would be epic!

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