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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by CrashOverride99, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Ok my request is very simple i was wondering if anyone could make a plugin that

    1. Allows admin's to fly
    2. Blocks standard users from flying
    3. Can support permissions so that we can allow users the ability to fly

    I'm not asking for a plugin that makes people fly "i.e magic carpet"
    but simply uses minecraft's standard "allow-flight=false"
    but still allows admin's to fly.
    I dont mind if i have to add the user's name to a file.
    Thanks to any plugin developer

    edit: how do you rename the title
    edit: got it
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    already made look at the plugin nocheat
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    That doesn't stop the player flying though, just gives a warning to the admin that they might be. What this guy wants is to use the default minecraft flight sensor but add a permission to it so some players (ops?) can bypass it

    I want the same thing, the minecraft anti-flight system is actually really accurate
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    Nocheat stops users from flying, and groups/users with the permission node are able to fly.
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    How do you configure it like that? Right now it just gives us admins a warning of anyone who might be flying... noone has any nocheat nodes except for us and I've seen people flying and all I got was a movement warning
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    Make sure you set:
    allowflying: false
    Then only people with the proper node can fly.
    It's all in the config. :)
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    how do i make it so that just my moderator group and ranks above can fly? what is the permission i need to use, using nocheat???
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    Oh. I just gave them nocheat.* so if I change it they wont get all of the notifications of others moving to fast?
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    I tried. But, I deop myself, trying fly.. The NoCheat kills it.. -.-
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    i have nocheat.* in permissions for admin but when i try fly it says flying is not enabled on this server?
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    Then perhaps enable flying on the server and just use NoCheat?
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    What is the permission nod to allow a user to fly?
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    if you have essentials. you will set the group to have the permission "essentials.fly"
    I currently have another plugin giving me problems and stopping my users from flying. I have to dig a bit farther, but I believe it is probably AntiCheat that grounds them.
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    If you want your players to be able to use fly mods as Zombe's fly mod, get nocheatplus. If you want them to be able to use a command, get essentials, or Extraflight. With essentials add the permission "essentials.fly", I'm pretty sure you use "extraflight.useflight" in the extraflight plugin.

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