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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by FuturaEX, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Hey, i would like a plugin like this for my server, basicly becuase it can become usefull, and it can be quite fun ;P

    Usage: Admins only.


    - /Freeze ''player'' - freeze's the chosen player, disable all movements.
    - /Melt ''player'' - chosen player can move again.

    the player chosen will stand completely still until melt command is used.
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    I can do that once I'm finished with another small plugin (Shouldn't take too long).
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    Guess i won't write it then :(, lol.
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    Yeah, it's pretty simple to write, but if there's a plugin that already does it I wouldn't see a point in it. XD
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    i just came up with something else i wanted :p if you could make it, that would be cool:
    glass powered by redstone -->glowstone.
    when un-powered, turns back to glass.
    i don't know if there's a plugin that does this.... might be x)
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    Well, if you don't find any, I'd be happy to write one :)
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    i found one that kinda does, but not exacly. the one i found turn glass into glowstone when it's night on the server.
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    If it is so simple to write than how do you do it? (I wish to incorporate it in a plugin I am making)
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