[REQ] Add ability to climb vines.

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  1. So i was wondering would it be possible to make vines act like ladders?
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    Plugin's can't read which keys are pressed by players, so you don't know if he's climbing up, down, or standing still. Also, smooth movement is close to impossible without a client side mod.
  3. @Pasukaru: Fail! A proof of concept, much room for improvement:

    No client mod. The glitches will be fixed soon... ;)
    And no, I won't tell you what that mystical transparent block is... :confused: :D

    //First alpha: Many glitches removed, performance improvements:

    This version is playable on my testing server right now! You can find it at - Just find the building shown in the video... :p
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    Ohhh, nice. :rolleyes:
    I take my statement back. :oops:
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    ok now make it work with out the wall smarty :p
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    Hmm, not sure if this would be a nice thing anyways. It's nice to use them as some kind of curtain you can walk through. :p
  7. @RustyDagger: I will, just give me some time as this is not the only project I'm working on. You can check the state everytime on that testing server (there's a short climbing area without vines now, too, but it's glitchy) and when it's ready for I will release it to the public. :)

    //EDIT: Free climbing is fixed now!
    To do:
    - Replace some static variables with dynamic ones to allow climbing on vines in any sky direction.
    - Find and fix glitches/bugs.
    - Clean up codes.
    - Fix vine-data2ladder-data codeblock (if anybody has a list of the data values of both block types + their description I would love you :)).
    - Fix a block update glitch reported by RustyDagger (or shouldn't I fix it, you can't climb on a vine as fast as on a ladder, realism feature *lol*).
    - Fix emulated collision. Hopefully fixed! But this time!

    //EDIT: And a new Video:
  8. @RustyDagger: Bug fixed, smooth up and down climbing now:

    Now the bad news: The "emulated collision" (which is importand as you can't climb on ladders without a block behind, you would simply "jump" through it) seems to be buggy. :( Could be hard to fix it as it's still the most complicated thing in the code.

    Okay guys, I could remove the emulated collision completely and now everything is working smoothly. Can't upload a video as my quota on vimeo exceeded so have a look at my bukkit server:
    All I have to do now is awaiting your feedback and cleaning up the codes a bit.

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  9. Why won't anybody test this plugin heavily? :(
    Anyway, I just added a 1% chance that a player falls from a vine while climbing. When that happens a timer starts (with a random time) and while that timer is running the player isn't able to climb again (so if you're lucky you can hold on the same vine again, if not..).
    As I'm incredible *lol* I was falling down from a large vine, holded shift while falling and stopped < 0.5 blocks before the ground. Even if I know exactly how the code works my first thinking was just: "phew". :D

    Please tell me if you want that feature to stay (I like it, see my above story).

    BTW: New server IP (yea, I know.. sorry...):
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    uve a challange for ya! make it so you can "swing" from the roof off vines
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    I'm curious as to how you did this.
  12. @scranner: Sorry, my english is not the best, please explain that "swinging" more. :)
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    "swings. v.intr. 1. To move back and forth suspended or as if suspended from above"
    so basicly you hold on to the roof and move arround holding onto the roof

  14. @jcgurango: Well, I can't tell for myself right now if it's good or bad code. In practical it reacts to 90% on onPlayerMove... Which is a very heavy bukkit event. :/ But I try to return as soon as possible and also I'm trying to avoid overhead + lag as much as I can... The plugin has 344 lines of code now and only the onPlayerMove has 94 lines (but still: It does mre than 90% of the execution)...
    That's why I'm aking for massive tests on my server. It hasn't the best resources, but that means good tests there guarant a very good speed on real servers later ;)

    So... You mean when there's a roof with vines (but no wall nearby) you should be able to climb on the roof with your hands? Wow, that would be heavy to code. I will remember this but it won't be in the first release. ;)

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    thats sorta it :D i mean like err you grab on to vines above you like monkey bars
    and move your way accross
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    i played on your test server... i like the concept, and how you tried to make it so that the player can still use them as a curtain... The climbing confused me, though. Do you have to jump on it?
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    ahahaha i actually tried to make a plugin that does this first day the cb for 1.8 was released but didnt get far...
  18. Thanks. :)
    Yes. simply stand in front of it and press jump.
    If you can't move upwards then go a little bit back and try it again. :)

    If there are no more issues I will release this soon. :)

    //EDIT: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/v10climb/ ;)

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