[REQ] A working plugin for plant growth control!

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  1. Hi, everyone. I've been looking for a plugin to help enhance the speed of plant growth, block plants such as melon in particular. SeasonsPlusPlus does not work for me (I have Seasons, still doesn't work). It actually completely blocked my melon growth... If anyone can share a plugin that functions properly in 1.4.6 - it will be much appreciated!
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    I'm a bit of a novice with JAVA and Bukkit Plugins.. but I'm not sure that this is even possible. The only way that I would be able to think about doing this is for the plants that grow in stages (wheat, carrot, potato, melon, pumpkin) is to create a chance that on each stage that the plant grows.. give it a chance to grow another stage right away.

    Like i said though, I'm a novice. But the way we check growing is to listen to the BlockGrowEvent fired by the server... I'm not sure what it would take for the server to increase the rate at which it fires this event for specific plant blocks.

    Oddly enough I just wrote a PlantGrowth plugin (still pending approval on bukkitdev) - however all it does right now is slow or disable growth. I've added it to my to-do list to potentially add speed up.
  3. Well, I found a plugin which had 'growth rate' for both types of plants implemented as an option, but it was very outdated and didn't work on 1.4.6+ at all. I imagine it used to work at some point, therefore it should be doable now as well, shouldn't it? As far as I know there are separate growth rates for cube plants (melons, for example) and the rest of the plants. Not sure if this helps at all.
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    I have a new plugin out called "Arable" which might suit your needs. Here's a sample configuration to make melons grow five times as fast in all worlds:

            blocks: [melon]
            rate:  5
        - melon5x
    Please understand that this plugin is very new and there is a chance that you'll run into problems while using it. Still, if you are interested, you should give it a try.

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