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    Hi all, as you all know, Prison servers must have guards, but instead of making an app on the forums why couldn't someone make a plugin that allows people to accept/create applications!

    Basic commands:
    • /app new [name]
    • /app block [name] (block someone from making apps)
    • /app accept [app id]
    • /app deny [app id]
    • /app view [app id]
    • /app remove [app id]
    • /app list
    • /app edit (edits your own app)
    • /app info (sends you information about your app)
    How to make an app:
    type /app new [Yourname]
    you'll be asked to answer some (configurable) questions
    the server will send you a message with your app id

    How /app list works:
    type it, and you'll get a list of all apps, it would've looked something like this:

    1(id). Karlkorv
    2. Notch
    3. Evilseph

    and so on

    How to deny/accept an app:
    (you must have perms ofc)
    type /app view [app id]
    read through the whole app,
    then type /app accept/deny

    If a configurable amount of players have accepted the app, the person who made it will be assigned to a group or any other action.

    plugin idea no. 2

    when a player does something bad, and jail isn't enough, tempban too boring and ban too harsh,

    why don't make a plugin that can exile people?


    (optional) [needed]

    /exile [player] (time (days, hours, minutes))

    /free [player]

    when someone gets exiled, they're teleported to a chosen place and have to pay a configurable amount to get back on the server.

    that's it.

    thanks for reading!

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