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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Alexay1, May 31, 2015.

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    Hello, Anyone make me a plugin called 'MetroReporter'?

    Basically, When someone does /report <Name> It will come up with a GUI like this:
    The permission for using /report <Name> Would be Report.use

    In that screenshot the...

    Ironbars; Hackings
    Leather: Spamming
    Enderpearl: Glitching
    Paper: Advertising
    Compas: Abusing
    Iron door: Threats
    Diamond: Disrespect
    Iron: Impersination
    book: Other

    When you hover over the items it will say &C<Thing to report>
    For example when you do /report <Player> Each of the things will say what they are for over it. Like when you hover over the ironbars it will say &cHacking.

    When someone lcicks it, it will come up in chat for people that have only the permsion report.notify. The format would be &b<Person Reporting> &3Has reported &b<Victim> &3For: &b<What they clicked on>
    Also in the persons chat it will say &b&lReport Recived

    Anyone up for this!?!
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    All done for you, just re-download it and it should be good
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    Wouldnt you want a config though or a place where it stores the reports so later you can have admins check back on the report..?
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    @msnijder30 Sorry to bother you and don't worry if you can't as its my fault.. But 'Impersonation' is spelt wrong throughout the report plugin, Anyway to change this? Thankyou.
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    I've found 1 bug. Upon clicking an item in your inventory that's not in the GUI, you get a report message with the reason "null".

    It's not a big issue, but something to note.
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    haha yea tested that aswell @MoejoeAw44 it even takes the item from your inventory :p
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    @msnijder30 could you possibly put a cool down on reports? Like about 5 minutes or something? This could be a config.yml thing too!
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    ^^ Definitely add a cool down, not everyone wants to report legit.
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