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    I have no idea how possible this is as I'm not sure whether bukkit can "detect" this kind of thing, but whatever I'll throw it out here anyway.

    My idea is fairly straight forward. When a new chunk is generated (not re-loaded), it will replace any blocks with another block based on a configuration file. For example, I could set it so that every new chunk generated replaces stone (1) with Netherrack (87). The result? All of the underground world would look like the nether! How about replace all water (9,8) with lava (10)? There's tons of possibilities for putting unique twists on new worlds. With multiworld support, you could have lots of different kinds of worlds!

    As I said I don't know if bukkit has a way to check if a new chunk is generated. Maybe it would lag to hell or maybe it simply wouldn't work right, I have no idea. Just thought I'd throw it out there :)
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    Its possible, but it would increase the amount of time chunks take to load by a lot.
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    The biometerrain gen mod can do that. I believe.

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