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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dfuxxle, Mar 24, 2014.

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    Hey Guys!, Today i really need you're help really really bad I was making ranks for my server and i was making a kit called god (because its the name of the kit). In the god kit there is going to be a diamond sword and some other things. I want to change the name of the Diamond sword to God Sword. But..... I don't know how to. I also don't know how to add it to the kit. I have seen this on other servers but i am not sure on how to add it to the kit in essentials. Please Please Please comment or reply if you know how PLEASE.
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    if your using essentials just put this after it "name:Epic_Sword" Under scores for spaces...
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    This is the kit in essentials
    sword: this is the name i called it "sword" the name of the kit.
    delay: 1
    - 0276 1 this is where the renamed sword would go it goes by id but how would i add it here so when i say /kit sword i get a sword in my hand called 'mysword"
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    pastebin your kit essentials config. That way, its easier for us to help you
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