Removing Certain Conflicting Enchantments

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ctrl00, Feb 3, 2023.

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    Minecraft version: 1.19.2

    Suggested name: Compatible Enchantments

    What I want: Makes incompatible enchantments such as Mending and Infinity able to be added together in anvils with the enchanted books and on the item in anvils. :
    Mending | Infinity
    Sword - Sharpness | Smite | Bane of Arthopods
    Armor - Protection | Projectile Protection | Blast Protection | Fire Protection
    Crossbow - Piercing | Multishot
    Boots - Frost Walker | Depth Strider

    EXCEPTION: Silk Touch and Fortune obviously since they wouldn't work properly together.
    Idea - Make it configurable so the user can choose which ones they would like enabled and disabled (likely in the plugin folder config file).

    When I'd like it by: Whenever it can be done, as soon as possible preferably so we can use it.
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    Will look into making something like this, I'll get back to you

    EDIT: Done - Finished version is attached. Please tell me if you find a bug or have a request for something to be changed/added. Sorry for taking so long, the other project I was working on took me quite a while to complete actually - Probably even the largest plugin I have ever made so far

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    There is a couple of issues with it, you can't add the books to each other in an anvil ex: (Protection IV + Blast Protection IV) books will not add on to each other, and it doesn't cost any XP to add the books onto the item.
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    About the books, I actually forgot to include the case that both items are an enchantment book, I‘ll add that, my bad. I wasn't able to set the enchant cost as it wasn't working, but I just got someone replying to me with some help, so I'll see if I can fix it now

    EDIT: Ok, update is done, plugin attached - There is still one small issue, but it's only a visual glitch, so you can just use the plugin already for now, if you want to. I am currently stuck on the issue and I've created a thread and am waiting for a reply to get some help on it - I will fix and upload it to here as soon as I am able to (For anyone interested this is the thread containing the exact details of the issue I am referring to)

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