Removing bow from skeleton on spawn

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Signatured, Feb 25, 2015.

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    I'm trying to remove an item from a skeletons hand, but the way I'm doing it isn't working. Here is my code:
    2. Skeleton skele = (Skeleton) player.getWorld().spawnEntity(loc, EntityType.SKELETON);
    3. skele.setCustomName(name);
    4. skele.setCustomNameVisible(true);
    6. skele.getEquipment().setHelmet(null);
    7. skele.getEquipment().setChestplate(null);
    8. skele.getEquipment().setLeggings(null);
    9. skele.getEquipment().setBoots(null);
    11. ItemStack air = new ItemStack(Material.AIR);
    12. if (player.getEquipment().getItemInHand() != null || player.getEquipment().getItemInHand() != air) skele.getEquipment().setItemInHand(hand);
    13. if (player.getEquipment().getHelmet() != null || player.getEquipment().getItemInHand() != air) skele.getEquipment().setHelmet(helm);
    14. if (player.getEquipment().getHelmet() != null || player.getEquipment().getItemInHand() != air) skele.getEquipment().setChestplate(chest);
    15. if (player.getEquipment().getHelmet() != null || player.getEquipment().getItemInHand() != air) skele.getEquipment().setLeggings(legs);
    16. if (player.getEquipment().getHelmet() != null || player.getEquipment().getItemInHand() != air) skele.getEquipment().setBoots(boots);
    However, even with this, the skeleton still has a bow in its hand. Any ideas?
  2. maybe you could create your own skeleton with nms?
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    It's possible to use an NMS skelly, though I'm sure there's an easier bukkit answer...quite ironically though, when you use an ingame command like /summon, skeletons don't get bows.

    And maybe it's just me, but between lines 6-9, I only read helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots...can you point to me where you set the equipment to be null?
  5. Code:
    if (player.getEquipment().getItemInHand() != null || player.getEquipment().getItemInHand() != air)
    this if will always be executed. if iteminhand!=null fits always if iteminhand is something. so it also fits when iteminhand == air. your relationship is || (or). so if it is not null it is executed. if it is null it also isnt air (!= air) so it will be executed anyway. you could also write if(true) or just leave the if :D think you trolled yourself there dude
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    Building off of what Shmobi said, you're always executing that statement. If you're unsure and you're covering all possible grounds, I recommend just doing a trial and error: test removing the if(null) half and see if it still works. If yes, congrats. If not, insert the null and only the null side.

    And I think you need this line in the beginning, I haven't seen it yet:
    //Or, if that doesn't work,
    skele.getEquipment().setItemInHand(new Itemstack (Material.AIR));
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