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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by drdanick, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Minecraft RemoteToolkit
    -Less downtime, more fun for your players, more power to you!

    Are you a Minecraft server administrator? Do you value up-time and stability? Do you fancy the ability to remotely control your server, both in-game and out of game, in a myriad of useful ways from a plethora of different devices?
    If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Minecraft RemoteToolkit is for you!

    What the Minecraft RemoteToolkit Plugin and Wrapper do for you:
    • Provides almost perfect server uptime with no need for action from an owner/administrator!
    • Have your server save and restart at any time period with configurable restart warnings!
    • The Toolkit guarantees a restart within the set restart period, even if your server crashes, becomes unresponsive, or encounters a "SEVERE" exception!
    • Remotely control every function of the Toolkit, even from your smart phone!
    • Full remote console access via telnet with support for multiple terminal types!
    • Telnet daemon conforms to current Telnet related RFCs!
    • Customizable alert messages!
    • Fully extendable though 3rd party modules!
    • Full feature set works with most craftbukkit builds!
    • Most features work with any Minecraft server variation, even vanilla!
    • Telnet can be disabled!
    For server administrators
    Download - Release 10, Alpha 15.3 [CB 1.7.2-R0.2] (wget friendly)
    Instructions & Documentation

    For developers
    UDP API REV 8 | Documentation
    Module API | Coming soon!

    For everyone
    Official IRC channel
    #remotetoolkit @

    "Help! I've downloaded it, but I do not know how to get it working!"
    Stop! Before you give up or ask for help, make sure you have read the step-by-step installation instructions on the wiki page. If you are still having problems, please do not be hesitant to post a request for help on this thread or in the IRC channel - no matter how simple your problem seems.


    Any donation would be very much appreciated. I'm but a poor University student, and I sacrifice quite a lot of unpaid time to keep the Toolkit updates and support flowing.

    Thank you to the following who have chosen to support the Toolkit through a donation:
    Deren909, marshall007, Vittek, clanslots, meee, KyneSilverhide, szoller, hungoverfurball, Lama_0, Viet, acc1dent, joby890, Liger_XT5
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    You're going to want to install an SSH tool such as PuTTy and start the file over SSH.
    cd into the directory, and run ./ (for the first time, you may need to run "chmod +x" )
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    Can anyone help me? I am trying to add two authentications to the batch file like vanilla Bukkit but I have totally no idea how. Can anyone help me post a batch file with two auth pathways added? My auth jar files are in the same directory as my batch file and craftbukkit. Put the two jar files as: UnknownAuth

  4. Wiki says nothing about containing "config import-properties=true/false"
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    where is 1.4.7 version?
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    drdanick I am having an issue with it restarting every 5 minutes or so, I have it set in the configuration to restart every 5 hours, but it is constantly restarting after restarts. I am running the latest bukkit server beta build.
    Current Configuration:
    #Minecraft Remote Toolkit Properties File
    #Sat Jun 01 09:42:53 MDT 2013
    Please get back to me when you can.
  7. I got the same problem. It claims to start it all, and it runs for a while. In the start, it even worked fine for a week, then it started to say, cant get the heartbeat anymore, and it restarts constantly.
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    Is drdanick Answering questions or support anymore? No one seems to be getting a response from him.
  9. Does anyone know where the download links for previous versions are? In the middle of setting up a FTB server and need the 1.4.7 version of RemoteToolKit. Any help is appreciated
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    I'm looking as well. I really hate it when developers don't keep archival versions of their plugins for users of older versions...
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    The current version of the toolkit should work with 1.4.7. My apologies for not answering many questions in here as of late. I'm busy with university, and all of my free time is essentially going to R11 development.
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    [Bug?] I can't prevent RTK from restarting my server! I've allready tried the following:
    1. Setting "server-restart-delay" to 0 in --> server gets restarted every 6 hours
    2. Setting "server-restart-delay" to 0h --> It gets reseted to 5h
    3. Setting "server-restart-delay" to 8760h ( = 1 year ) --> server gets restarted every 2 hours
    4. Setting "server-restart-delay" to 25:00 :D --> server gets restarted with random delay (1 to 6 hours)
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    [Another Bug] The .reschedulerestart command does not work all the time!
    I tried to prevent RTK from restarting my server by executing ".reschedulerestart 5h" every hour using a cronjob.
    But the server still gets restarted after some time. Please fix this bug!
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    Still need commands:
    • .kill — to immediately kill server's process without any saving and other jobs.
    • .unholdonce — to unhold server until it will be stopper again itself or any other way (automatically returns to .holded state).
    • .reload — to re-read server starting memory limits, command line options and etc.
    • In-game command like /holdserver (or in other sound).
    • Possibility to disable server when zero players on it. Wrapper can .hold it with special internal flag (something like "holded because of no players"). Wrapper should emulate Server List Ping packet on server's game port with specific MOTD, game version, protocol version, and 0/max players. When the player tries to connect to server, Wrapper should disconnect user with specific mesasge like "Server is going up... Reconnect in 1 minute." and .unhold it.
    • Specifying path to users.txt file (absolute/relative and, perfectly:
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    You should add it if Read timed out is spammed without any player activity between then it restarts, because sometimes my console is spammed with that, yet RTK does not detect it as a crash.
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    does this work with 1.5.2 and will it work when 1.6 dev is released?
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    Works fine and he should have R11 out by then :)
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    ok thanks sillyrosster for the quick reply
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    Release 10, Alpha 14.5 works with 1.6.1 dev builds so far.

    What's about my long long ago request for the ingame-command to check the restarttime,
    like /restarttime? ;-)
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    This is so freekin useful! Thank you!

    My own submission to the 'think about it' list. It would be useful to be able to add server commands to the regular restart. For example, preceding the scheduled reboot with a 'killall' mob command would help keep the server peppy.

    Again, thanks for this!
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    Is there support for this for 1.4.7?
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    Hi, good work, but please make updates for newest MC 1.6.2 and some bug fixes like nedd more and more ram after each start.
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    Can it become opensource?
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    Chronos I'm trying to get to the bottom of the restart issue. As for the reschedule issue, there should be no reason for it to fail sporadically. Are you sure it isn't an issue with your cron job?

    SimSonic The .kill command is already implemented as .forcerestart and .forcestopwrapper. I haven't documented them, so I'll make a point of doing that in the next minor release. As for .unholdonce, if i understand correctly, are you wanting it to remain held after restarting the toolkit?
    Also, .reload will be possible in R11, but not R10.
    As for your last suggestions, those would be possible (with module support) in R11, but not 10.

    Silaims I'm trying to discourage the development of R10 modules, since R11 is nearing the point of a developer preview. If you still want to develop for R10, please send me a PM. Additionally, R11 will be open source.

    jojodmo2010 I'm leaving that for a module developer to write. I don't see it as a reliable enough of a test for an unresponsive server.

    Jobsti That's coming in R11 :)

    Eogen That's not a bad idea, and could be easily implemented as an R11 or even R10 module, if someone is willing to pick it up.

    Kwiken03 Yes, it should work.

    alfista It should support 1.6.2 as-is. I'm not quite sure what you mean by your second suggestion. Do you want to increment the amount of ram after each restart? Would it not be possible for you to set a larger amount manually?
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    Hey, I have 2 questions:
    Why don't you move to BukkitDev because in my opinion the forum is confusing for plugins.

    And: Is there a possibility to donate via Paysafecard
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    The reason for me being reluctant to upload there is the fact that BukkitDev is a service which primarily hosts bukkit plugins, and little else. Considering that the Toolkit is primarily a wrapper and secondarily a plugin, I wanted to avoid confusion with users expecting the Toolkit to install and work like any other plugin.
    I understand, though, that the majority of users would probably like to see the Toolkit hosted there in the near future. Because of this, I will most likely add it there some time soon.

    As for Paysafecard: Unfortunately, no. It doesn't actually appear that Paysafecard will allow individuals to register as payees, so it it highly unlikely that I will be able to support it.
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    I'm using Remote Toolkit as a plugin, my host is Hosthorde and they won't allow scripts, nor wrappers. How can I configure it? I would like to reschedule restarts as well as reconfigure warnings but can't seem to figure it out. I also have difficulty tying my shoelaces at times so please have patience. :)
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    After stopping the server.
    Just like this scenario: I unhold server using telnet command .unhold. Server moderators go to server and build something. In the end they enter /stop and server stops. Toolkit will restart server, but I don't want to.
    Sorry if my English bad.
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    You're going to have to open a support ticket with them and ask them very nicely to support the toolkit. It unfortunately will not work without the wrapper.

    Ah, so you would like a command to hold the server from in-game? I can certainly add that in the next update.
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