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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by drdanick, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Minecraft RemoteToolkit
    -Less downtime, more fun for your players, more power to you!

    Are you a Minecraft server administrator? Do you value up-time and stability? Do you fancy the ability to remotely control your server, both in-game and out of game, in a myriad of useful ways from a plethora of different devices?
    If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Minecraft RemoteToolkit is for you!

    What the Minecraft RemoteToolkit Plugin and Wrapper do for you:
    • Provides almost perfect server uptime with no need for action from an owner/administrator!
    • Have your server save and restart at any time period with configurable restart warnings!
    • The Toolkit guarantees a restart within the set restart period, even if your server crashes, becomes unresponsive, or encounters a "SEVERE" exception!
    • Remotely control every function of the Toolkit, even from your smart phone!
    • Full remote console access via telnet with support for multiple terminal types!
    • Telnet daemon conforms to current Telnet related RFCs!
    • Customizable alert messages!
    • Fully extendable though 3rd party modules!
    • Full feature set works with most craftbukkit builds!
    • Most features work with any Minecraft server variation, even vanilla!
    • Telnet can be disabled!
    For server administrators
    Download - Release 10, Alpha 15.3 [CB 1.7.2-R0.2] (wget friendly)
    Instructions & Documentation

    For developers
    UDP API REV 8 | Documentation
    Module API | Coming soon!

    For everyone
    Official IRC channel
    #remotetoolkit @

    "Help! I've downloaded it, but I do not know how to get it working!"
    Stop! Before you give up or ask for help, make sure you have read the step-by-step installation instructions on the wiki page. If you are still having problems, please do not be hesitant to post a request for help on this thread or in the IRC channel - no matter how simple your problem seems.


    Any donation would be very much appreciated. I'm but a poor University student, and I sacrifice quite a lot of unpaid time to keep the Toolkit updates and support flowing.

    Thank you to the following who have chosen to support the Toolkit through a donation:
    Deren909, marshall007, Vittek, clanslots, meee, KyneSilverhide, szoller, hungoverfurball, Lama_0, Viet, acc1dent, joby890, Liger_XT5
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    because you need to supply the wrapper password it should be something like this

    /restartsrv username:password
    your simply supplying no username or password or its not matching what you have put in the config. It will be or rtoolkit.bat depending if your using linux or windows
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    Do you have access to the console (including telnet access)?
    If so, enter this command:

    .useradd admin test
    Then, from in-game, try entering:
    /restartsrv admin test
    Does that work?
  4. it works if i use a user account i added, but using the username:password specified in the wrapper it doesn't work
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    How simple is the password you're trying to supply on startup? Try entering something with only alphanumeric lowercase characters. Also, try to test login details over both telnet, and
    I've just tested authentication with more complex usernames/passwords of mixed case and I cannot replicate this issue.
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    I really REALLY like this plugin, but my problem is that it is using alot ram - up to 200-250 mb :O - Isnt it possible to fix this, since my server is very small and I can't just waste 200 mb :S


    With ur plugin: 750 mb
    without: 350 mb
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    A Question;
    I am running Remote Toolkit (R10 a10.2) The only problem is the firewall in Windows Server, it doesnt allow players to connect useing the Toolkit. But if i am using the normal bukkit server, they can connect.
    Which program must be added to the whitelist of the firewall?
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    That shouldn't be correct, unless java is allocating more to itself than it should. What operating system are you using, and how are you launching the toolkit?

    I'm not sure if windows firewall can distinguish between individual Java programs, or not. So either add both of the jar files (bukkit and the toolkit), or just the Java process itself. I do not host an externally accessible server under windows, so I have not tried this, but you're the first windows user that's brought this up, so I assume it will work one way or another.
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    I am using Windows 7 64x Prof.
    I am launching my server through "rtoolkit.bat"
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    Is it possible to run a custom .bat file everytime the server restars... because i have a .bat file that backups my folders (A) would be awesome if this is possible :)

    Kind Regards,

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    Have you made any modifications to the .bat file other than modifying the USER:PASS argument? Can you provide a screen shot of the two running java processes under the task manager, and can you post the body of

    Not natively, but I can write and provide you with a module that does that. Send me a PM with the requirements.
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    for windows u have to enter if i keep my server on and it gets error it wont turn bk on
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    What version of windows are you using?
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    I keep getting the following error:

    Code: Stream Closed
            at Method)
            at com.drdanick.McRKit.Wrapper.handleScheduledEvent(
            at com.drdanick.McRKit.Scheduler.fireScheduledEvent(
            at com.drdanick.McRKit.Scheduler.access$000(
            at com.drdanick.McRKit.Scheduler$
            at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(
    And then the wrapper can't restart. I suspect it's trying to re-open the console stream, but it can't. At that point could you just force a restart if after x mins. it can't re-open it?

    I'm running CB#953 with these plugins:

    CraftBookMechanisms, WorldEdit, BigBrother, CraftBookCircuits, LazyRoad, iConomyChestShop, HeroicDeath, iChat, PerformanceTweaks, iConomy, Essentials, Ranks, CraftBukkitUpToDate, CraftBookCommon, RemoteToolkitPlugin, SimpleReserve, HelpPages, WorldGuard, SignTagger, NSCommand, BorderGuard, mcMMO, Permissions, ColoredSigns, BlockConsoleMessages, PermissionsPlus, EssentialsSpawn, p2Aliases
    Also please add command-line features like up-arrow history and prevent command overflow (when you're typing output writes over your input).

    Finally, would it be possible to filter messages? I'd like to filter the color codes from the server console, it makes reading output really difficult.

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    This has probably already been covered, and is perhaps more of a Linux question than a remote toolkit question.

    Anyway. I'm attempting to automate some of the maintenance of our server. I'd like to use remote toolkit, and I'd like the wrapper to launch on system boot. I presume I'll need something in init.d, probably a copy or a link to the script. In addition, I'd like that to launch into a screen automatically. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

    Reasoning: If the server needs turned off, or gets turned off (like, sabotage by two year old) then all one has to do is push the button, or call and ask the wife to. Nothing else needs done to have it back online.
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    you can launch a terminal window and then pass in the parameters to it.
    try that, it's been a few years since i've had to do it myself, i remember being able to run startup scripts in the user's folder (not init.d) but an executable script in init.d with a java command should be easy.
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    I removed this plugin and all relevant folders and files, but it still says "Remote ToolkitPlugin" when I do /plugins. How do I remove that?
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    did you remove the MinecraftRKitPlugin.jar from the plugins folder?
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    Yes. And I used my FTP client to search for "remote" and all variations of the name and it says there is nothing of that, or anything similar, in any folder or file in my server.
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    no idea then, sorry dude.
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    Uhmmm Its Windows XP 5.1 x86
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    Is it possible to have the server .jar and the .sh file and other Remote Toolkit things in a folder aside from my main server's files? My host has it set up so that craftbukkit.jar and minecraft_server.jar are in a folder a directory above my main directory that holds my worlds and plugins and other server files, but you want the plugin's main files right next to the craftbukkit.jar. I tried to start it up to see what would happen and it took my plugins and began to create all the files in that above directory, where stuff shouldn't be. I have no idea how shell scripting works, so could you show me how to specify the directory in the .sh? It just needs to go to /one, which is above the default directory.
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    Hey how do i use my 8 threads, because currently its only useing one here is my
    Also how would i add the lines that i added into the

    like this? extra-runtime-arguments=-Xmx25600M -XX:parallelGCThreads=8 (ect, with spaces in between)
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    Can you give me the absolute path, from the root folder, to craftbukkit.jar and your plugins folder so I can get a better idea of how it's set up? I'm not entirely clear from your post.

    Exactly like that, but with commas (,) in between, not spaces. Also remember to keep the extra runtime arguments that come with the default config!
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    Does this work for android?
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    I changed the heap size, but i dont see any differ when i press f3 ingame.
    What shall i do?
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    What do you mean? You can access the remote page from android, and there should be plenty of android telnet applications that will let you access the console.

    F3 shows the memory report for your client, not your server.
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    Okay. Is there any similar function, so that i can see server info. Thank you for quick answer
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    Try logging into the server console (you can follow the telnet instructions in the wiki), and restarting the server with the .restart command. memory information should be printed at the same time that the plugin component of the toolkit is loaded.
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    Phantom Index

    Well I mean our backups our world, can rtoolkit do it the same way since the world is mounted?
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    This is a great plugin, but every day it seems I get this error message which crashes the wrapper so i have to click the x to restart the server. In addition to this, it doesn't save sometimes and the game loses about 10-15 minutes worth of data, idk if this helps you any. Any information to stop this error would be greatly appreciated.

    [ERROR] IOException writing to the console: Stream Closed Stream Closed
        at Method)
        at com.drdanick.McRKit.Wrapper.handleScheduledEvent(
        at com.drdanick.McRKit.Scheduler.fireScheduledEvent(
        at com.drdanick.McRKit.Scheduler.access$000(
        at com.drdanick.McRKit.Scheduler$
        at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(
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