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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by CorrieKay, Oct 23, 2012.

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    So, im not really sure where to put this, so here goes.

    Ive been working on a remote administrative client for my minecraft server.

    The current version (proprietary to my server) Is pony themed FYI (open)

    Main chat window

    Alerts page

    Alert notification

    Alert notification in game + showing of response


    Anyways, i was thinking of creating a public version for all servers to use, But i wanted to see what other developers and those that are server administrators themselves think.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

    Do you think it'd be worth creating for other servers to use?
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  2. try adding a chat pane for your admin tool that shows al chat (inluding broadcast, so you see the /me), it hard to catch those broadcasts, but I can show the source of my private admin tool whit pm so you could itergrade it with your plugin
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    Oh of course yeah :3

    The chat of the system i currently have (i would need to actually work from the ground up on a brand new one if i do this) works very closely (in fact the serverside "server" that these clients connect to, are a part of my main plugin system) with my serverside plugin, which generates its own chat channels. The drop down box in the lower right (above the send button) contains all of the channels, plus an all chat, and a social spy channel. The channel menu button allows you to select a channel to send to when typing in allchat, and it also has the ability to filter out channels youre listening to in allchat.

    But again, it is only able to do this because i was able to work SO closely with the chat channels of my own plugin. It'd be a tad more difficult to work with other plugins with chat channels, so i could probably only work with those that have an api or something, if i decide to actually support chatting to that degree. At the very least, i would create a staff channel that is supported by the plugin
  4. if you create your own command sender, and register it for the permissions to recieve the broadcasts, its sendMessage method will be called for every boradcast, if you then use that send message to send broadcast to your socket of your remote cline,t your remote client sees the emessages too, dont worry about that you made an mistake, and forgot to revoke al permissions from you commandsender when youclose the socket, if bukkit sees there are no refrences left to it (WeakReference) then its discarded internally. also, why not try adding chat colors. you can use the class I use:
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    Looks nice, good use of the tray icon for alerts. Apart from all the pony stuff, I would give this a solid 9/10 from what I've seen.
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    I had only used a JTextArea, not a JPanel, Its (probably obviously) my first swing at creating a GUI based application (Hurrhurr, swing :p). Ill most definitely be looking into allowing colors if i do this .

    Thanks! Also, yeah, like i said, this one is a private client specifically for my server. if/when i make a public version, it will definitely be de-ponified.
  7. I was using JLabels for my messages (inside an JTable), that allows the use of html (using a table to make the messages starts on the same height)
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    derp, thats what i meant, a label, lol. My bad!
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