ReitzRPG - Another RPG esque plugin for fun. Update #5 Custom Recipe Handler

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by paully104, May 5, 2014.

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    Objective: To use my knowledge of java I received from college and using what I've picked up from the Bukkit resources to build a large project, for fun.​
    Test Server: not 24/7​
    Current Features:​
    1. Applied my distancelevel plugin so the farther you are from the world spawn, the stronger enemies get!
    2. Updating scoreboard with the current stats. Combat-EXP,Defense,Attack,Woodcutting,Mining,Magic,Archery.
    3. Global weapon skill cool down system, only implemented on a few weapons at the moment unfortunately
    4. Per player config file containing stats and exp for mining / woodcutting , class not made by me was made by someone in the resource section will credit them when I find their name
    5. Currently for magic using LucasEmanuel's 0 Client tornado mod for the first magic spell!
    6. Player itemmenu using /rpg menu or /reitzrpg menu, can purchase stat upgrades with your combat-exp.
    7. Per player backpack, each player gets a backpack that gets saved to their config so they may safely store items. Can purchase increased space using /reitzrpg menu
    8. Using Desle's Assassin ability resource to implement wall-jumping
    9. Item restriction usage [NOT BLOCK RESTRICTION] - currently system is a static lv 5 for the first tier, 10 for 2nd, 3rd is 15 and diamond is 20. An argument was brought up if block break restrictions are in place then mining can be an annoyance.
    10. Currently Mining/Woodcutting get exp on block break and level up automatically using the list of blocks that are effected by if you are wielding a pickaxe or an axe.
    11. Player to Player Trading (Beta Testing Now) -
    12. You can now lock doors,pressure plates and chests!​
    13. Multiworld support, you can change the config to set levels per world! Chests​
    14. and locks are persistent and save!​
    15. Custom Recipe Handler, in the config you can make your own recipes and they appear in game!​
    Planned Features | Progress on feature​
    Player to Player Trading - now in testing!​
    Quests | 0.00%​
    Custom Items(items with special stats/lore) | 3%​
    API: current works with player stats​
    If you have a suggestion let me know!​
    Need Any Help,Criticism or Reviews?​
    In college in my coursework all I learned was how to use JOptionPane and the technical side of things, long story short I didn't learn as much as I wanted to and I do enjoy coding. This project is for me to practice coding, learn new things from the community, and to implement the communities examples and learn from it. If you want to be a tester then test and shoot me messages. If your a talented coder and want to look at my chicken scratch and give me a few points I'd be thankful for that also. I play Minecraft for fun, this community is fun, and coding is fun to me. So i'f your interested in any sense shoot me a message or have a suggestion post it ^.^.​
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    Looks cool ;) if you need any help pm me
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    paully104 If you ever plan on making it Public, you'll want to add in an API for others to interface w/ the Plugin (Such as adding new Spells, editing Skill levels, creating custom Quests through plugins, etc)
    Also, I'd recommend putting it on a place where others can help (GitHub, Bitbucket) so that we may be able to submit pulls/fork it/etc.
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    It will be public I planned to get it out there by the end of the week after my finals are over. My current snag is developing abilities to use on weapons as a static is one thing. I'd have to draw out a pretty strong development map if I were to code it so users could develop their own spells. In fact besides using metadata to pass information around I actually have not toyed with passing information to other plugins. Seems I have some reading to do ^^
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    Currently working on getting /rpg trade [name] to function. It opens the trade menu but making it so that both people have to verify before the items get sent to the other players inventory is quite difficult.
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