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    Plugin category: RPG

    Hello! I am looking for a plugin that allows blocks to regenerate after being mined. I think this will be a cool feature for all RPG servers. It will allow servers to create mines or lumber yards that will regenerate after a designated time.

    Suggested name: Regenerate

    What I want: I would like a plugin with these ideas-

    • Admins can select blocks with worldedit.
    • Blocks that are selected will regenerate after a set time (if none, 1 minecraft day).
    • Blocks that are broken will change to a set block type (if none, bedrock).
    • Blocks will drop directly into the players inventory (regen blocks will not drop items to ground).
    Ideas for commands:

    • /regen add [adds selected blocks as regen blocks]
    • /regen del [deletes the selected blocks (if any) from the regen blocks]
    • /regen check [checks if the block they are looking at is a regen block]
    • /regen settime # [sets a time of when the block is regenerated]
    • /regen type [sets the type of block the regen block will change to once broken]
    Ideas for permissions:
    • regenerate.* [all perms]
    • regenerate.add [allows the use of /regen add]
    • regenerate.del [allows use of /regen del]
    • regenerate.check [allows use of /regen check]
    • regenerate.timer [allows use of /regen settime]
    • regenerate.type [allows use of /regen type]
    • regenerate.mine [allows the player to mine regen blocks]
    When I'd like it by: 1-3 months
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    i will make it today :)
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    I made a plugin pretty much exactly like this a while back! I think I delete the project though :(
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    Thanks for the quick responses. I really appreciate it.

    Wow! That is very kind of you. Take all the time you need.

    PS- Can you make some source code for me? Im new to coding, so it might help me out.

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    @norwayman4 Don't ask for spoon-feeding here. We don't do that. We just help you write code. If you want someone else to write code for you, then I would recommend going to the plugin requests section.
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    @norwayman4 Whoops, had two windows opened and posted this in the wrong one. :p
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