Regenerate Griefed Chunks

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    As a map has been heavily griefed, but isn't entirely griefed, I want to reset the griefed chunks so they can be built on without regenerating the entire world.

    I have searched:

    > VoxelSniper - Thought it might have this function but it doesn't.
    > ChunkRegenerate DOES NOT EXIST.
    > ChunkRegen DOES NOT WORK.
    > WorldEdit - Doesn't support new region format.
    > OneTimeRenewal - Does not reset individual chunks.
    > WorldGenerationControl - Command /destroyAndRegenerateArea doesn't appear to work.

    Is there any known way to cause certain chunks of the map to reset/regenerate to their original/default/unedited/freshly generated state?
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    Hmm I'll try this out~
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    Shut down your server, backup your world, open the world in MCEdit, and just select the griefed area and delete it. When you start your server up again and go to that area ingame, it will automatically regenerate the chunks.
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    After doing this, will DynMap reload the regenerated chunks? Because my world got broken not so while ago due to a faulty plugin. I used Chunkster to fix the broken chunks, but the new ones are ugly as hell... I have random blocks in the air, long straight shore lines etc.
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    You'll have to regenerate your map with DynMap. I think the newer versions have a radius option so you don't have to redo your ENTIRE map.

    And regarding the random blocks and long straight shore lines, that's likely due to the fact that your world was generated before the terrain generation algorithm changed. Not much you can do about that, unfortunately. You COULD delete those new chunks, install an old version of Minecraft (1.7 should do it) and let it regenerate those chunks, then re-update your Minecraft to 1.8. Or just use WorldEdit to save .schematic files of all of your important stuff, delete your map, and import the .schematic files again on the newly-generated map.
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    I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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