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    Hi, i want to request a plugin that reduces memory usage.
    not that kind of plugin like nolagg because that adds 30 mb ram and does no shit except when it comes to crashing.
    i want a plugin that Reduces memory usage when the server is still running.
    so if any of you guys would be nice and make one for me or send me the link of one of the plugins and tell how it works that would be lovely.
    i am sorry for my lack of knowledge in the english grammar.
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    Is it even possible? :confused:

    Isn't the best way to have plugins that are well-coded, that doesn't have lots of garbage and scrap code in it?

    When you start your Bukkit server you should be able to say how much RAM you wanna use, with a minimum of 512 MB - I THINK.
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    Just remove some of your unused plugins..
  4. So you want a plugin that removes other plugins and kicks players? Cause that's what it could do to free RAM.
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    Or another approach would be a plugin that lets you check ram usage with /ram
    and then give you lower values when using /ram -30 (to take 30 MB out of the displayed value.) Hows that? :p
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