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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by KoryuObihiro, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Hi there! I'm KoryuObihiro, the leader of the dev team for the Redstone Rising server - and we're looking for individuals who'd like to try their hand at contributing! In a nutshell, we need members for the following teams:

    Technical Development
    We're looking for intermediate programmers who are seeking to learn how to code collaboratively. If you're familiar with a programming language or web development, then this may be your opportunity to polish your old skills, and pick up some new ones. With our coding team, we can offer you the following:
    • Experience with Java and the Bukkit API
    • Knowledge of Git, a system of software revision control (a core part of collaborative coding)
    • Using Git with Github to create a collaborative workflow, including issue management, documentation, and of course controlling your source code!
    • A friendly team environment
    In particular, we are looking for individuals with experience in one or more of the following:
    • Java programming (Bukkit API a plus)
    • Multiple language development
    • Working as a team with other members in a technical environment
    • Database/web programming
    Critical to any good coding project is quality control - the testers who figure out what still needs to be done before we can release. The most technical skill you'll need for a testing role is the ability to write a bug report. For this team, we're searching for individuals with the following traits:
    • Creative
    • Team-oriented
    • Thorough
    • Attentive
    • Concise
    Testing is a good way to get involved and understand how a product operates - this is a good opportunity for those of you who have always wanted some experience with the Bukkit server,

    We reserve the right to be selective with our recruits, but any and all offers and contributions you think you can make are welcome! If you're interested, please post a reply to this thread, or PM myself or @Monkah. We're anxious to see what you've got!


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    Why do you bump :confused:
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    You ditched us, it hurts my feelings D:

    Anyhow, we do look forward to anyone who's willing to join the development team. I personally plan on making this one of the most successful servers in the history of Minecraft, yet one of the things we'll need to do such is a team. One which we're searching for right now.
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    You are far to dependent on plugins, those break and your server is nothing.
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    That statement could apply to virtually any server. Do you have any alternatives to propose? I'm certainly open to suggestion.
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    Well, even with broken plugins it's still vanilla...

    Probably something along the lines of "Plugins shouldn't be the only thing holding your server up. You need good administration and moderation etc. etc." I personally lie on the side of that statement. Even if the server has good plugins, if the administration is terrible, nobody will enjoy being on the server and it will slowly die.
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    Yes, not making every aspect of the server run about 100 different plugins, when I was on the dev team, they broke almost 3 times, recoded twice, and never seemed to work. And without them, the server is nothing.

    True, but when the ENTIRE experience of their server is plugins, and they break as often as I said above, it isn't going to go well.

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    I'll agree with that statement. I'd also like to point out that most plugins don't break all that often, and in fact, should not break very often if they are coded correctly. There are precautions that developers should take before releasing a plugin to make sure that they won't break because of the smallest change in the server structure or otherwise.
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    I agree that the old server system was too loose and chaotic for a stable server - which is why I have personally overseen a reorganization of the server's development. @Monkah's role is now primarily that of an administrator, and though he obviously will have an influence with the design of the server, a majority of the responsibility for its development now falls upon me. The Redstone Rising team now utilizes organizational tools like issue tracking and Jenkins, and more importantly a stronger technical base.

    Thus, I posted here. @steaks4uce, your reference to an older team piques my curiousity - you developed for Moon/RR?
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    Well, I wouldn't be interested in the Java portion. I like to make plugins solo. But your website's design is horrible, and like the person above, it did actually hurt my eyes a little bit because of the colors. Don't base it on Flash. It's horrible practice to have your whole website in Flash. Also, all of your updates in a twitter feed? At least use tumblr, and use the tumblr API with that.
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    All web content was present since before I came along (see this link for my opinion), and has been largely ignored for a variety of reasons. Another is in progress, though I'm not familiar with the timeframe, as I have little involvement with that project and I don't consider it a high priority at this point. However, web development is also something I'm open to, if you think you can contribute - I'll update the thread accordingly.

    EDIT: Update done. Added description for the testing team.
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    Gotta love Oatmeal, but at the time he had about 5 different developers creating things and mashed them all together, and even though the testing and jenkins will help, you'll still have to deal with a server that runs 100+ for 1 GIANT plugin.
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    To phrase it simply, I contend this is no longer the case.
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    I'll believe it when I see it, because with @Monkah, it's going to go downhill fast,
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    Father Of Time

    Why are plug-ins that are actively in development even on the live server to begin with? a plug-in should be completely developed and published before it ever installed on a "public" server. I'm not saying it needs to be 100% complete, but create a stable working version of the plug-in with the most desired features, give it a version number, and release that to your public server; and then you can continue to develop the project later on a test server.

    Anything in development shouldn't be on a public server, it will cause complications and discourage the player-base.
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    As nobody but Koryu and I may know, we have only released a week ago. We haven't had much time to actually add many new plugins to actually test. With a small few exceptions of our Classes plugin, which appears to have a few bugs we didn't find during our beta testing.

    We've been trying for ages to find a website dev, and why Koryu put the placeholder site instead of our MCF thread, I have no idea. Honestly, we've had no intention to ever actually use that. Not only is it extremely outdated (due to once again, being a placeholder) not known about to 99% of our members, (due to once again, being a placeholder) and horribly made, it's simply just not intended for use. Which is why we recently hired PB_Adam, who also recently got too caught up in school to finish the project, and so the journey continues...

    However, as a server admin, I must state, despite us looking for a developer, plugins are one of the least important parts of a server. A sense of direction, helpful and active staff, and above all, a friendly community, exceed the importance of this by far. However, since we've nailed the first three down, we're on our next step.
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