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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by diage, Feb 11, 2014.

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    My name is Ryan 'Diage' Farina.
    I am currently the lead developer and designer of what is currently a three man team.
    I am formally trained and looking to start to expand our group of developers.

    About our project:
    The current project we are working on has been in the works for a couple of months now. The project is something we hope will become a staple for any mini-game server out there and help to increase multi-server communication and cooperation through a more standardized play experience. The technique by which we plan to do this is to create a plugin that allows for the easy creation of any mini-game or arena imaginable. Our current system is at a testable, albeit very alpha, state.

    To go a little deeper into what it does, it allows a user to download objects, conditions, classes, items, or any number of content which can be simply added to any arena they are making. Then an owner or otherwise verified user can either edit existing arenas or create a whole new one from scratch, and do so never leaving the game.

    Listed below are the roles I am looking for:

    Arena Creation Testers:
    No more than four

    We are at a testable state and therefore need testers. These people should probably have a mild ability to create arenas with world edit or sniper and be responsible users of these tools. The only difference between these testers and other testers is that they will be given the opportunity to use sniper and world edit. Since we have not yet built in permissions, everyone can technically make arenas. As an Arena Creation Tester, you will be expected to actually produce arenas and to provide feedback that will help future development.

    Knowledge of sniper and/or world edit. ​
    To be responsible and objective.​
    Capable of reasonable oral and written communication. ​

    Required Applications:
    Minecraft (Duh)​
    Team Speak​

    EST time zone​

    Arena Play Testers:
    Any number

    The second group of testers are only expected to test the arenas made by the arena creation testers. Their primary jobs will be to test existing objects and to provide feedback for improvement to some of the more standard parts of the plugin. Things they will help us test are basically team interactions, arena interactions, and the game as seen from a standard player. You are expected to act as if you are a brand new player to the server and to help us understand what these players would like to experience.

    To be responsible and objective.​

    Required Applications:
    Minecraft (Duh)​
    Team Speak​


    One to two

    As a programmer, you will come in and expand our team. My current goal is to restructure the current development team and to pass off my Lead Development role (maintaining the lead designer), but in order to do this we need more people. You need not be formally trained. Your only requirement is that you be an analytic thinker, hard worker, and willing to learn. As a team of people, I intend to expand our work beyond minecraft and java in general. So people who are interested in a wide array of practices are preferred.

    The current group has been trained, to some extent, by me. I am willing to help people who will work well within our team. If you are hoping to be a part of the programming team, I will ask that you take a couple of tests and answer some questions so I can try to learn more about you.

    Work well within a small team.​
    To be responsible and objective.​
    Competent in technical problem solving.​
    Willing to learn and accepts feedback.​
    Capable of reasonable oral and written communication. ​
    Ability to research answers to difficult problems.​
    EST Time zone.​

    Required Applications/Accounts:
    Minecraft (Duh)​
    Team Speak​
    Team Viewer​
    Google Account​
    Github Account​

    Knowledge of Java 7 API​
    Knowledge of Bukkit API​

    To apply....
    Simply respond on this thread with the position you are interested in. Please note that if you are interested in a Programmer but we do not choose you, you can still become a tester and be available for future additions to the team. Along that note, all testers are able to be considered for addition to the team if they seem fit and motivated.
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    post some code, concepts, whatever, currently it looks like "i can't do anything my self but have wild imagination"
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    I understand the desire for some form of authentication, but I do not particularly feel the need to divulge much more than what I have.

    If you wish to be a tester, then you can apply for that and then you might be able to see what we have so far. We currently have a fully working barebone version of the idea. It needs more objects to be developed and it needs some visual upgrades, but I cannot help to feel that the completed work elegantly solves the core problems behind this idea. The main things we are coding now is content and we would like help with it. I will admit, we do not NEED any developers and if all that apply don't seem like they would fit, I won't take any. However, it would be foolish to claim that more wouldn't help. I do, however, need testers.

    Further, I do find the quote there a little offensive. If you buy into this project, no one would be expected to complete it alone and actually mentioning that shows me that you might be a little ignorant as to how projects of this scope get developed. Fortunately, I do not hold people at fault for ignorance, ignorance can be taught away.

    If this idea motivates you, then feel free to apply.
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    I wanna participate, with the arena creator and tester
    my skype:luigieai
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    Further, I do find the quote there a little offensive. If you buy into this project, no one would be expected to complete it alone and actually mentioning that shows me that you might be a little ignorant as to how projects of this scope get developed. Fortunately, I do not hold people at fault for ignorance, ignorance can be taught away.

    If this idea motivates you, then feel free to apply.[/quote]

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    This sounds interesting! I would like to be an arena creation tester / play tester.
    my skype: valyster1
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    I will contact you in the very near future!
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    forced eclipse means you not a developer youself, lack of code and plan means there is no code or plan.
    both teamspeak and skype - looks like you just copypasted this without ever understanding what this applications does...

    i have great news for you - you unlikely to find developers who will work for, especially ones who actually fit reqs.
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    I'm currently working on a generic class and ability system myself which once complete should allow players to create infinite classes and abilities all through a config file. This system is then being used in conjunction with the MobArena plugin to give the survival players appropriate items. I currently won't meet the requirements for the developer as:

    1) I'm GMT time zone
    2) I only have about 4 hours a day from 6:00 - 10:00 to work on my code and/or play games

    I would love to test and see what you've done with the classes as I've had lots of MMO experience and have a great understanding of balance with spells and abilities.

    I've developed my code very far within a week or so and would love to at least share what I have with you and help out when I can. I have team speak and skype but unless you guys would be around at 1:00 - 6:00 pm(- 5 GMT) it might not work out. I also own and manage my own server which is just being used by group of friends but will eventually have it's own website also created by me :D. I have little java experience but I'm in a full time job as a C# and silverlight web developer using a SQL database.

    (My current code is in my signature but is not an official Bukkit plugin yet as I'm making it to the standards of other RPG plugins first.)
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    You lost, give up.
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    Welcome to real life. You work for a group of people, you will all conform to the same applications for ease of communication. Another lesson you will learn in life is that lack of something does not imply it's non-existence. You ought to tread ground carefully around those types of assumptions, they can often skew your view of any possibilities. You are obviously not interested, where I often enjoy verbal banter, this is not the place for it. So I might politely ask you to stop posting here unless it is an application.

    To anyone else, I would like to mention we use Skype primarily for posting messages to each other and TS for the bulk of the verbal communication. Skype is mostly just our message board.

    I will contact you shortly if not for anything other than test! I am interested in an exchange of ideas. Where that time would rarely fit my schedule, it might fit into either of my two other teammates schedule just to talk about what you have and what we have and any future possibilities. I am also interested in your experience in C# and SQL for future endeavors. But I will talk privately with you about those :)

    ADDED: Actually, I had a thought after looking at your code. Currently our code is split into three separate projects, one is an experimental implementation of our API, then we have the API, and last is the actual project that the API sits on top of. You might be a good canidate to test our the portability and the flexibility of our API.

    ADDEDx2: For a matter of fact.. you are exactly the audience our API is made for. It seems like your goal is to make a sort of RPG meets Arena configuration. Our plugin would basically be used to run the backbone of your arenas so you don't need to do all the work making an entire arena time and time again.
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    diage Thanks a lot it all sounds good and if it's any bonus I'm also making a game with a fair amount of my mates in the UDK of which I'm the sole programmer. This is currently using a MySQL database to generate conversations and the combo attacks the player can use. I can dynamically change the whole combat system from just the database it self :D
  13. diage
    Do you force people who are in the group to use eclipse?
    I understand it makes it easier and uniform, but I would like to use my own IDE(I think that's what it is called)
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    Well, eclipse uses a .project file which makes it so that porting other code into eclispe every so slightly more difficult when we're talking on the scale of larger imports. Also, different IDEs do tend to use different conventions in imports and I believe have different debuggers in them.

    Not to mention, if an error arises, the fix can be uniformly applied and we wouldn't need to worry about figuring out how to fix it twice.

    So for the sake of sanity, I would HIGHLY prefer a uniform IDE.

    EDIT: made a typo
    EDIT: Made a slightly more ironic typo...
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    • Try to be more constructive in giving feedback. This is far to insulting.
    Your next
    You can hardly give anyone lesson with your "skills".

    1) You obviously never opened any IDE expect Eclipse, this is only reason why you force everyone to use it.
    I will discover small secret MANY people use IntelliJ IDEA and wont downgrade to Eclipse just to participate in your project.
    Also there are some "not soo free" tools that much better then eclipse.

    2) You obviously never opened JVM specs if you really think that IDEs may cause bugs in code or mess with import on their own.
    I will discover one more secret - code executed by JVM, not by IDE.
    Code compiled by JDK not by IDE.

    Probably you think that all IDEs expect Eclipse run scala or something similar?

    Also i will suggest you visit "high level" IRL, court or similar, if you can't provide some item or document, judge instantly will make conclusion "item or document does not exists".
    Nobody will listen your agruments about lessons and other trash.
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    RawCode what are you trying to achieve here, seems to me like a group of nice people asking for help with a good idea. Clearly you have good understanding of bukkit, plugins, minecraft, java etc, so why not help?
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    belven000 I would say that when asked to provide sample code that he has made or even documentation about what is going to be done he responded with a hostile attitude. To me it does look like one of those I am going to get a team together to do this for me kind of deals.

    When asking people to join a development team you should outline what you want to do, how much of it is done, and some sample code to show that you are not incompetent. Giving vague details and reacting with "I don't have to give more information" is not a good way to get serious devs interested.

    Personally I think that his post looks too detailed to be just one of the I don't want to do the work myself posts. Though I will say what he is looking for requirement wise from a programmer is rather vague at best as many of the skills he listed are something that a programmer should have as skills unless they are completely new to it.

    diage I hope you the best finding people for your team, good luck
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    He's pointing out that this group has flaws that need to be worked out. I wouldn't hassle with him, always knows what he talks about.

    Probably a 5 year IT engineer or something like that.
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    Geez, can we all quit bashing on the guy? He's trying to gain honest help from the people on Bukkit Forums.

    If you wanted to start a project, would you release it all before it was complete?
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    I have spent a good amount of time as a tutor in both computer science and mathematics, I rather enjoy teaching people. Both the people working with me currently, I have taught a lot of things to. So yes, it is vauge, my philosophy is if you posses the very basic talents, then I can work with you to help you develop into whatever programmer you want. I am not here saying I am lead of the best development team which happened to of done everything perfect, rather I am here with an opportunity. I am looking for the RIGHT people, not just all people. So I am deliberate. I am not so interested with grabbing pros who are stuck in old ways that will create a diverging style, I would rather work with more flexible people who I can help to grow.

    And I am aware that better software exists, especially paid software. But the reality is that we have already done an incredible amount of work in a certain environment. I've never used 'intelliJ' but I have used a large number of others. But note, I did not say the IDE causes errors, I simply said if an error occurs, it is easier for me to help you resolve it if it is in a consistent environment.

    The imports part is just a matter of style. I have worked with multiple IDEs before and it just looks sort of ugly when you start looking at code written in other IDEs. To me, it's like changing the font in the middle of a paragraph. We happen to use eclipse, it isn't so much that I am an eclipse only guy, it's just that's what we have now and whatever IDE we use, I would prefer to keep it consistent. It doesn't change the functionality of the statement, it merely hurts readability. You know, a company will spend on average 6 times more money maintaining software then building it in the first place, we as developers have a right to do everything in our power to make our code highly maintainable.

    And about releasing our code, it is currently in three projects. One is a separate API and I have considered releasing it, but I need to go back through and improve the java doc.
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    I get that, was just saying why there is some, IMO good, rationale RawCode has for his doubts. There have been many people looking for teams that obviously do not want to do the work themselves and are trying to find a way to get others to do it for them.

    Btw I myself was a Math and Computer Science student (AS-Math BS-Computer Science Minor-Political Science). I work in the field and understand perfectly everyone using the same IDe and setup, makes development that much easier and I agree completely with that. Personally I don't find different IDE's all that hard to switch between and I can always use Sublime to develop and launch the IDE for testing only.
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    Just post sample code already, nobody want to listen about how many project you have and how good they are and how many time you invested into useless javadocs nobody will ever open.

    Real developers join only projects they find interesting, you project at current state NOT INTERESTING, i see no reason to join it and rised all this questions to give you a chance to find other developers who will see plan, code and concept, wrote post "WOW I APPLY" and joined your team.

    Looks like you do not understand why attempt to enforce IDE always fail...
    I can code InteliJ and tell you that i use Eclipse and you can't verify this.

    When you get my code from github or skype and copypaste it into your IDE, you will see YOUR IDE formatting and fonts\colors...

    There is nothing more to discuss, i out of this thread permanently.
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    Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it.
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    Well after the very constructive discussion about IDE's it's time for an application :rolleyes:

    I'm wishing to join the Developers team my global nickname (minecraft, steam, skype, anywhere) is samosaara and here is my 'application form':

    - Work well within a small team. - Yep I really do :D
    - To be responsible and objective. - 90% responsible (I prefer being sincere then disappoint people.) And 100% objective
    - Competent in technical problem solving. - I think this kinda vague... Like java problem? No problem :D General software problem I excel at solving
    - Willing to learn and accepts feedback. - I really do.
    - Ability to research answers to difficult problems. - I'm a google PRO :p
    - Capable of reasonable oral and written communication. - Well those last 2 are the main problem. I'm Brazilian I'm not sure of my pronounce (I never tried talking) but I understand without problem I just never tried talking I watch a lot of English videos and stuff so I can understand (and write/read) English without problem but I never tried talking)
    - EST Time zone. GMT -3:00 (Brazilian) :(
    Required Applications/Accounts:
    Minecraft (Duh) - samosaara
    Skype - samosaara
    Team Speak - I have it
    Team Viewer - Have it but can't use it 50kbps internet
    Eclipse - Have it
    Google Account - samosaara
    Github Account - samosaara
    Knowledge of Java 7 API - I obviusly don't fully know it But i think i have like 3.5/5 java API knowledge
    Knowledge of Bukkit API - I have a kinda great understanding of Bukkit, not sure though, I bet something like 4/5
    Well That's me, I hope you like it :) (If you need to contact me real fast I'm at steam (But i'm watching this thread of course)
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    Hey, I will contact you tomorrow!
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    I'm interested in the programmer role, my Skype username is ryanpizzas
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    I will message you to find out more!

    By the way, to everyone else, we are cleaning up our API and will hopefully release that soon.
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    Frowns at Eclipse requirement.

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    That's a pity, but to each their own. I suppose to some an IDE means more than to others.
    For those of you who feel that way, once I release the API for creating objects, which is being cleaned up and our class loader is being improved, then you can code in whatever environment you want. Your code will simply be any of various objects that can dumped into the dedicated file and placed through our in-game interface (Examples include ArenaObjects -Objective points, gates etc-, Assets -Spells and attribute systems-, Winconditions -win when your team earns 1000 points-, etc.)

    I would expect this API to be out within 2-3 weeks.

    *Whether or not assets will be included in initial launch is subject to change

    And don't worry, I understand.. talking about a developers IDE is a touchy subject. Many people are pretty attached to their IDEs of choice. Just for general information, it isn't about me being hugely dedicated to any IDE but more that it's just the one which we have setup and a consistent environment is worth far more to me than whatever bells and whistles can be gained by other IDEs. Changing IDEs is always a possibility, I just don't see the value in spending the time to do such a thing. I spent a large amount of time coding in emacs and basic word editors, compared to those eclipse is a godsend.
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    Eclipse is just painfully slow, laggy, and ugly. If you're going to pick an IDE as a standard, pick a good one.
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