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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by FireBreath14, Feb 12, 2014.

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    I'm looking to "hire-on" a Tester for my two minigames Quicksand and Backbone. *See links below*


    What I want is a dedicated Tester to join the project with me and help find bugs. I need a committed person who can communicate to me any issues they find. I also want an experienced Tester, not a 10-year-old who is new to the game. Testers must own their own server, or know how to make a private server for themselves to test on. I will not be paying anyone, this is volunteer work. I can share Rewards Points, maybe, but that's it. The two minigames are getting quite popular lately so I won't be "hiring" for long. Thanks for reading and responding politely. If you're interested, comment below or PM me on BukkitDev.

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    I'm down to help. I am active in the BukkitDev community, code plugins myself and have set up a server more times than I can count for myself and friends. I have a small server of my own to test stuff on and can also put it on a server i put up on my home network when need arises. Hope you would consider me! :D

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    Wrong Section Bro :p
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    Im all in, my contact info will be at the bottom! I have never been a tester, but I have developed 4 plugins, and am currently working on a mini-games plugin. I have a private test server, so if I end up testing it, I have a place too!
    I will do it completely free since I am fascinated by coding, and developing plugins! However, I will mostly only be contactible (if thats a word :p) over the weekend :( Thanks for reading my "Application" :D

    Name: Connor
    Mc Username: cpi2001
    Skype: theperson939

    Thanks again! :)
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    Moved to correct section and removed a duplicate post.
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    Okay so I was in the wrong section LOL. Thanks Jade
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    few coding tips:


    Dont handle over 100500 commands inside single method with individual nested ifs, you will have bad time if changed some commands names or decided to add new ones (or if you manage to add permissions support)

    static section ignore pluginloading order and executed before bukkit finished loading, you will have bad time using static section like you did inside Store at random

    PvpEngine looks like copypasting same code for different cases with minor (1-2 lines) difference, such classes hard to manage, if you decided to change something or fix random bug you will need to repeat your actions 4 times.
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    Hello I would be great for the job. I know a little bit of C++ and Java coding myself and I love making plugins because I like being successful/accomplished. I have had a good amount of experience of testing for plugins. I have around 5 personal servers and one big hub, with about 30 plugins. I know a lot about plugins such as the necessities for a bukkit server. I have more than average experience in WorldEdit/Essentials. I'm a teenager but I'm very mature for my age. I'm available during week days most of the time between 4:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m because of school.On weekends I'm usually available to but sometimes I will be gone for the whole day, but rarely. I have a more than average amount of experience on maintaining a server and I will be dedicated. I'm also a more than average video editor. The applications I have are Minecraft of course, Skype, Team Viewer, Cinema 4d, PhotoShop, Eclipse, Code Blocks and iMovie. I currently have a late 2012 MacBook Air with 4gb of Ram. I also will love some help for my hub server on plugins and such. You probably have more experience on Java coding so I will assist you as you could assist me.

    My Information/Contacts
    Skype: pecocheatsallot123
    Minecraft UserName: xXElite_TricksXx
    Youtube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/EliteClanGamings
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