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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by thecoryguy, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Ever since Pail, I've been searching for a GUI that lets me monitor my server performance, and also allows the switching on and off of plug-ins. Auto update is also a nice thing to have. :)

    Any recommendations as to what is still used today with 1.3.1?
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    Well, i could recommend mcmyadmin :)
    Always up to date and working smoothly :)
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    BukkitGUI (mine :D) doesn't break on bukkit updates.
    Auto update for GUI and bukkit, plugin manager (install, update, remove plugins), task manager (schedule actions etc.), backups, error manager + solver (lot's of errors can be solved automatic),....

    Only thing: it can't turn plugins on/off.

    windows only, might run unstable with linux + mono (working on this)
    Uses about 30Mb ram and 0%cpu when running normal on my computer. (I believe this is lower than any java GUI)
    Planned: Plugin auto updater. (with notifications/silent update)

    You can also use it to connect to a server on a remote machine, using JSONAPI.

    Other GUI's:
    Dumptruckman's GUI
    .NET server GUI (by kanunshiken)

    Spacebukkit (looks really nice!)

    You can check everything out in the tools section (there's an index with all tools sorted by category, it's sticky on top of the page)
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    Bertware. You are a God. I have used your BukkitGui ever since I became a server hoster/admin. I have only used yours because of how often there are updates and the support that goes with it.

    I highly recommend the BukkitGui for anyone that is looking for one.

    Bertware, keep up the good work brother!
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    Recommending McMyAdmin
    McMyAdmin also works fine on mobile devices and for iPhone, iPad and Android there is even a native app!
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    I reccomand BukkitGUI for windows, but i don't know (but like to now) if it works on linux/ubuntu server.
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