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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PissedGamer, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Hello, I have seen a plugin that allow's donors to reclaim items when their's been a reset. Till this day I cannot find the plugin I've seen on other servers.
    Basically everything is setup in the config
    Their is only 1 command: /reclaim
    But their is multiple permissions. For example 'Obsidian' rank get's 64 obsidian & 64 diamonds when someone has bought the Obsidian rank, well when their is a map reset their was no point in donating since that special someone lost their items due to the reset. This plugin allow's every donor rank to type /reclaim. This allow's any donor to reclaim everything that is set in the config.

    > /reclaim gives everything listed below to whoever has the permission
    - '/give {username} 264 3'
    - '/give {username} 49 24'
    - '/give {username} 46 2'
    - '/eco give {username} 1500'
    - '/xp give {username} 825'
    - '/e addpoints {username} 1'
    Who ever has the warrior rank will be given 3 diamonds, 24 obsidian, 2 tnt, 1,500k in-gamecash, 30 levels of XP and 1 website token when /reclaim executes
    -'/{command}' - this command will execute once /reclaim is typed.

    Example for PermissionsEx the user will have itemreclaim.example

    /\ /\
    Plugin name Rank Name
    Note: Players can only claim these items once every update!
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    First of all: Selling Items for real money violates the EULA.

    And you can simply use a Plugin like CommandOverride for example.
    Link is in my Signature.

    On every Update you would give every Donator the permission reclaim.<Rank> and you could configure CO like the following:

    - [permission: reclaim.VIP]console:/give <player> 264 3
    - [permission: reclaim.VIP]console:/give <player> 49 24
    - [permission: reclaim.VIP]console:/pex user <player> remove reclaim.VIP
    - '[permission: reclaim.VIP]&aYou claimed your Items!'
    - [permission: reclaim.VIP+]console:/give <player> 264 3
    - [permission: reclaim.VIP+]console:/give <player> 49 24
    - [permission: reclaim.VIP+]console:/pex user <player> remove reclaim.VIP+
    - '[permission: reclaim.VIP+]&aYou claimed your Items!'

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    Just a note: 90% of the people arent following the EULA anymore since its not counting anymore due Microsoft bought Minecraft with the EULA and those sh!t.
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    Legal documents you have agreed to always count, no matter who the owner is.
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    Unless a new EULA is posted the current EULA still is in effect. Please do not spread misinformation like this.
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    Im allowed am i? Who says im not?
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    I assume you mean who is telling you you're not allowed to spread information that you know is incorrect? That would be me. Continuing to do so now will result in a ban.
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