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    the invisible water seems like it is old fluid value that is there but there really isn't a fluid associated with it
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    Hm, I wonder how that comes about? A fluid value that does not get removed properly when the water itself does?
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    could be from using a plugin to set a fluid to air when it has a fluid level, not deleting the BlockStorage plugin when you restart the world (ie delete world folder, makes a new world with bad fluid level data)
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    Hm, I could see programs like worldedit having that effect for sure. I didn't even know youre supposed to delete the folder for the world after every restart either haha
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    Maybe I'll add to my serverrestart macro one for deleting the blockstorage :-/

    It's like: there's invisible water flowing around (really flowing, sometime you see a "wave" getting rid of the overwrite items like torches). And you can suck this "water" up with black sponges... but not very effectively :(

    It's not a client problem, it only affects overwrite items, nothing else. No swimming, breathing, walking, seeing.....

    AND: It overwrites FALSE! When an item is set to overwrite true (drop item = true) the normal water drops this item... the invisible one eats it up (like it's set to false)

    It doesn't behave like the normal water :confused:
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    well unfortunately i can't seem to get this to happen on my test machines at all
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    I've been trying to replicate it too, ... no luck :(
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    I can't replicate it either... I've had fluids that won't move into a certain area before and that's it. That was fixed by deleting the world's folder.
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    cb 740 blockstorage seems to be working however real fluids is not creating a config and both realfluids and fluidpumps seem to not be detecting blockstorage.
    These are the only messages besides blockstorage being enabled.
    2011-05-11 15:53:56 [INFO] FluidPumps version demo-snapshot-0.5 enabled
    2011-05-11 15:53:56 [INFO] Could not grab a storage object, disabling...
    2011-05-11 15:53:56 [INFO] RealFluids version demo-snapshot-0.6 disabled

    After doing a bit of a server wipe i am now getting this on top of the above.

    2011-05-11 20:34:41 [WARNING] Task of 'FluidPumps' generated an exception
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mindless728/RealFluids/RealFluidsBlock
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: mindless728.RealFluids.RealFluidsBlock
    at Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(

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    Try to set overwrite air (FALSE) + torches (TRUE) for water and lava.
    Then make a hole in the ground, place torches all around this hole. Use 3-4 blue wool blocks and wait...

    Usually it fills the hole... and then suddenly it starts bugging around.

    (Or try to use a big hole with a small entry up (like a little lake, only 10-15 blocks alltogether) and you add blue wools around the entries, that even bugs sometimes more)
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    Vlyn, I can't make this happen...It's strange. Is it possible for you to .zip up your map and send it to me? It might help to figure out what's going on. Unless your map is huge...then nevermind haha.
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    Atm. 300 MB. It depends on your bandwidth what's "huge" for you ;-)
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    If you can upload it. I will download it haha
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    I'll first try to use a new map on my lifeserver for testing. If that works: Okay, map is the problem. if not: Okay, server component is.
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    Ok, pumps aside (Don't have time atm for testing that):

    Is it possible to add 2 "sets" of options for the fluids?

    For example: When there is a small/middle sized fluid base.. (lake or something like that) use option set 1 (more precise, better flow)

    When there are 5.000.000 waterunits around one waterblock, use the second option set for all of them. For example: Seas... then use something with a huge falldown value and very unprecise flowing.

    Atm the fluid system "breaks" the seas... and when I change the options the fluidflow on land doesn't look good :(
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    i have a feeling trying to determine this would be quite resource intensive

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    Is this 1.5 compatible. I installed like you said, and my block dont flow at all anymore. They just have minecraft classic like physics.
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    yup, did you remember to edit the RealFluids.txt file which is the configuration to allow it to overwrite blocks

    for just simple overwrite (just air), add "0 false" to both of the overwrite lists
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    Very good sir, that did indeed fix the problem. However, when I place water with a bucket, I a must first dig the block under that placed water for the water to flow, otherwise it will sit there. Also, lava doesn't flow at all.
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    You need overwrite Air (0 false) to lava too -.-

    Everything is explained in the first post...
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    Yes I did read it. However, there is something I obviously didn't understand so was I just supposed to not post a question for fear of offending you? This is a forum sir, which by definition is

    "an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest."

    So forgive me, I asked.

    On topic.

    WaterStartLevel: 2000
    LavaStartLevel: 1000
    MinimumDifferenceLevelFraction: 0.05
    RepeatRate: 1
    MaxFlowTimePerRepeat: 25000000
    SimsPerRepeatFraction: 0.5
    FlowDownFraction: 0.5
    ChunkCacheSize: 1024
    WaterOverwriteList: 0 false
    LavaOverwriteList: 0 false

    That's exactly how I have my text document in the RealFluids folder. To me knowledge, this is how its supposed to be set up.
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    buckets aren't working yet as there some issues dealing with inventory management and keeping track of the level of water
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    Ah I see, I didn't know if that was the problem with the buckets you mentioned before. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Its a good mod so far, the only thing I think that needs to be altered is the speed at which excess water with nowhere to flow dissipates. I mean if it was a flood, it would take a bit longer for it to soak into the ground. I understand practicality and dont expect it last for days ingame time, but maybe a few minutes.

    Just a suggestion.
    Keep it up.

    EDIT: Also, when you destroy blocks near a lake with tnt, the water doesn't flow until you destroy blocks yourself.
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    I tried a new map on my liveserver... and suddenly fluid pump saving worked!

    It's the map :-(

    Another thing: At first the fluid system worked perfect... I tweaked it a little... and suddenly: invisible water again! Whenever the fluid system has to do a little more (Like doing something with the sea) it bugs out :(
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    actually the fluid pump saving/loading is still broken sometimes and i might have some time to work on it now that school is over
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    Sounds good mindless! Can't wait to see the product of your efforts!
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    Good luck, I'll stop using Real Fluids now.

    If it'd work perfectly, it would be a nice feature.. but not on a liveserver or a server with more than 3-4 players.

    The seas on my map are "destroyed" (heavy server load), when something stupid happens (much much lava suddenly somewhere, and it's just spreading in one height! not falling down..) then the whole server lags a little and you can forget about the fluid system.

    Maybe this plugin is great for little fluid simulations, but just do one thing with the sea and it's broken. You need to find a performant way to handle big masses of fluid (Like I said before: When there are for example 1.000.000 Water Units nearby, simulate this water quick and dirty)

    Bye for now, wish you good luck with your plugin! Maybe I'll try it out sometime again when it got better.
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    yeah, i know it starts slowing down real bad with lots of fluid flows, i am looking into ways to increase the efficiency, and i did say that it would be a bad idea on a live server, but thank you for the bug testing, it helps tremendously

    as a side note i will be spending some time to continue working on the OS from this last quarter so not all of my programming is plugin development
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    I know. I'll be watching this thread, maybe you can come up with a good concept to improve performance :)

    Playing around with the fluid pumps was a lot of fun nonetheless. Combined with ControllerBlock it was great!
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