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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Vilsol, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. At first! This plugin wont be called WorldEdit 2. If someone can come up with amazing name then please post in comments!

    Back to the topic. As we all know WorldEdit is one of the most advanced plugins that is available from all bukkit plugins. The problem is that it could also be awarded for the most server crashes and player in-experiences. What I am trying to do with my plugin is to take what WE has done wrong and make it right. What I can already tell is that there won't be almost any crashes from this plugin (Except if you fiddle with the config too much). I will be trying to make the plugin as efficient as possible so when someone would be using it no one would even feel a difference.

    My planned features:
    • 100% configurable settings.
    • A GUI using inventories.
    • Easy commands.
    • Much more!
    What I want to do with this thread is ask something to you. What would you want to add to WE and why?

    GitHub: https://github.com/Vilsol/WorldModify

    Suggestions approved:
    • Global and Individial limit by Spawnstah
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    Pretty cool, I wish you good luck!
  3. Thank you!
  4. I don't know if this is already included in that statement, but I would like to make it possible to queue changes.
    Both a Global and Individual limit.

    So for example, a user can't change more than 100.000 blocks, where the changes are carried out with 5000 blocks per second. And if there are multiple persons doing WE at the same time, it can't use more than 10.000 blocks per second, which get's divided between all players.
    Meaning, if 2 persons do WE at the same time, they get 5000 blocks per second. But if 5 persons do WE at the same time, they only get 2000 blocks per second.
    And while you are at it, also make a limit, so there can't be more than for example 500.000 blocks in the queue at any given time with a "WE Queue is full, please try again later" message.

    In short:
    Total Max Blocks in Queue: 500.000
    Total changes per second: 10.000
    Individual Max Blocks in Queue: 100.000
    Individual changes per second: 5000

    Would be fantasic with permissions nodes that match those settings.


    And possibly individual permissions nodes for each WE command too.
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  5. That is a very good idea, i will definitely try implementing that. Thank you!
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    Make it possible to paste schematics or whatever you will call them, using command blocks! :>

    This will enable map-makers to go to a whole new level without having to use heavier methods (mc-edit filters and spawners).

    Basicly, you could change blocks using redstone and THAT is awesome :)
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    What i've always asked the world edit developers for something they neverdid: Make it able to work with command blocks.
  8. What do you mean?
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    Gorro_Rojo The way WorldEdit works makes implementation of command block support tricky.

    WorldEdit stores a user's data directly so that players can use the //undo and //redo command. Command blocks do not have designated names, and means WorldEdit cannot store a command block's data to any specific session. That also means that players can't run "//undo commandblock" or something similar.

    In any case, there's only a few commands that could possibly work with command blocks (radius-based ones like //forestgen or //cyl) since command blocks cannot have selections. There's not enough commands there to be worth the implementation, and in any case it's probably a waste of time to use a command block to do a command that you could just run yourself.
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    I already have this in my plugin, but if you're considering remaking WorldEdit, here are a few features I found useful myself:

    An API that is EASY to use...
    • Generate shapes of blocks via another plugin
      WorldEdit2.getInstance().createSelection(Location l1, Location l2);
    • Paste schematics via another plugin
      WorldEdit2.getInstance().pasteSchematic(Location l, File schematic);
    Add the additions of changes per tick, and ticks per change:
    • Allow a few ticks in between generation to allow the server and players to keep up
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    Nice, can't wait :D
  13. Well about the last thing. I have already finished set replace and undo commands. I am going to make a system that checks if the tickrate falls below 10 it will reduce the blocks per tick and if it is below 5 it will skip until it rises above 10
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    I disagree with this thread.
    WorldEdit is no longer responsible for crashes as of [years ago]
    if you're having trouble editing massive regions, I recommend using AsyncWorldEdit
  15. The plugin died for a few months, but through the time I did a lot of plugins and when I looked back at my old code, I had to facepalm... twice...

    This time I will try to go on a much more efficient method (Previously I was so dumb I wrote everything in one file), which will include me documenting the entire code, so later I can generate JavaDocs and convert it in to a very simple API.

    GitHub: https://github.com/Vilsol/WorldModify
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    I have and idea for this to prevent crashes as an added option someone might of suggest this but an option to make it place a certain amount of blocks a time and how long until next place like I could set 1 second and 1 block so every second a block of whatever I am doing is filled in and stuff like that and this would make much less lag and crashes
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    Async? Isn't that dangerous? Probably best to have it sync, but split up. That is my biggest issue with WE.
  18. That is the main goal of the plugin...
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    Async isn't dangerous at all. It just splits up the job vs freezing up everything. Look it up.
    This too.
    It's a great way of getting things done without freezing up your server.
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    The definition of async, in Java, is running a task on a separate Thread, correct? The word has been going around that it is dangerous to access the Bukkit API from a Thread other than the main Thread. I don't exactly know why, though. Maybe possibly a ConcurrentModificationException could be thrown?
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    I can't wait till this comes out!! My server has crashed SO MANY TIMES from WE.
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    Well, now I feel stupid
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    Yay! It's finally is out! (Or waiting for approval..)

    I would have to expect this to become incredibly popular. Best of luck. :)
  24. Thank you :)
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    Daaang, this thing is sky-rocketing, 16 downloads! :p
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    Vilsol I love the plugin. Sometimes i wish world edit did that stuff. The animations are (sexy-ish) and the it looks very nice. But you will have a hard time getting this off the ground because World Edit is so feature packed and used by an extreme amount of servers
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    It will take a while to get known, but totally looks like a great alternative to WorldEdit :)
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