Ratings,we don't want them but we have them?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by V10lator, Jun 13, 2012.

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    • How does this side work? I know it's not dev.bukkit, but curse + bukkit plugins. The weird thing is that the download counts seem to be wrong, example: It tells BananaRegion has 781 monthly downloads, but if I click on the link "more details" it tells this instead: 1,187 Monthly Downloads - 8,661 Total Downloads.
    • 2What exactly is "Reputation" and how is it calculated? You see it at every bukkitDev member profile and it sounds like some kind or rating system to me...
    Last but not least: Can we remove both (or at least the first if the second isn't some kind of rating system)?
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    Yeah, I'd also like to know what reputation is.
    Is it something with downloads, or users rating you in tickets?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    The reputation thingy is listing the number of likes you've gotten.
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  4. Okay, that counts for the Reputation, but the curse site states: "Top Minecraft Server Mods". For a user that may sound like they are rated (and I'll bet that's what curse wants them to look like this) even if the are just sorted by (wrong?) download counts.
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    This is only on the curse.com side, right?
  6. Yes, that was what I mentioned in the first post. But it's still visible for the public.
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