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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by XdarkbeastX, Jun 2, 2015.

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    Name : Rankup Group Plugin
    Version : 1.7.10
    Category : Others

    Needed : I want a plugin like no others. I only see rankup plugins that requires certain things to rankup.
    I would want a rankup plugin like what i want to say.
    Details would be :
    - Add Ranks to config for rankup
    Example Config :
    # Config #
    Rankup plugin made by "whomadethis?"

    Ranks :
    Rank Number : 5000
    Rank Number : 4000
    Senior Moderator
    Rank Number : 3000
    Rank Number : 2000
    Rank Number : 1000

    Extra details about the config : I would like to add my own ranks for such example after owner
    The lowest number is the highest ranking. While the highest number is the lower ranking.

    Rank Number : 1000
    Created in config
    Rank Number : 500

    Idea for Commands :
    - /rankup <playername>
    - /rankuplist
    - /rankupadd group <groupname>
    - /rankuprank group <groupname>

    Informations : /rankuprank group <groupname> is the rank number.
    I want this plugin to be supported with Pex and Group Manager.

    Idea for Permissions :
    - rankup.rankupgroup <--- Allows to use /rankup <playername>
    - rankup.rankuplist <--- Allows to see the list of available groups to be ranked at.

    When i'd like it : 1 Week 1 day or anything works
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    Well, There ARE MANY of these rank up plugins. If you want us to make one just for the hell of it or just because you want your server to have its own plugin Most people won't do it...
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    It's not because of that.
    Rather. The rankup plugins only had like /rankup <--- And you'll rank up yourself at the cost of in-game currency, or any conditions such as "killing {howmany} mobs" or even "mine blocks to rank up!" I didn't want that such plugin. And i wouldn't be requesting if i didn't find one that suits my need.
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    bumpity bumpity bump!
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    Could you be more specific? I'm not too sure what "Rank Number" is. Also, how would you want them to be able to rankup?
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    If you know how pex promote and pex demote ladders work then the Rank Numbers work like /pex group "groupname" rank ranknumber
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