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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by OrganicFrown, Sep 28, 2013.

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    Hello, I'm sure there is a plugin out there already for this but I have looked all over and can not find one. I need a plugin that you can type /rankup and they can get promoted to the next group for a certain amount of money. I have made all the groups in PEX but I need a plugin that lets me use those groups and make it so they can /rankup to get too the next. I'm creating a prison server so this is very essential. Thank you for reading this.
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  3. That's not helpful, he wants a rankup plugin, not a permissions plugin that in my opinion is terrible compared to PermissionsEx.

    Anyway, to help you:

    I suggest you search harder next time because all I typed was "RankUp Bukkit" into google and I found it, first link.
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    I used to run a prison server and I used pex with paid ranks it is the best way to do it. The plugin paid ranks lets the player do /rankup and can have fully customizable broadcasts and prices. If you need any help setting it up just PM me also if you need any other plugin help just PM. I know a lot of the plugins for prison servers
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    Hey, ok so I already tryed that RankUp plugin but it wont show up in my /plugins or /help. It's in the plugins folder but it's not working? Do I need another plugin in order for this one too work?

    EDIT: Never mind I found out I need vault i'm sorry :p.
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    Many, Many plugins for this.
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    Ok so i'm using the Rankup plugin and I created all the groups with PermissionsEX (pex). So after I did that I went into the config and I did this http://pastebin.com/F4kqeR2f (Link to config). So I set up all the ranks and it only lets people from group default too group B. But the prefix does not change and they are not inheriting the B permissons?
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    Unless your first rank is "Default", you must change it to whatever your default rank is. I'm guessing it's 'A' by looking at your ranks. Also make sure you've given your default rank the rankup.rankup permission, otherwise they cannot rankup.
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    I gave all groups rankup.rankup but yet it wont let B rankup too C???
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    OrganicFrown I would keep pex, but use ServerSigns. Make a sign that costs money, and does the Console Command: /pex blablabla
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    What does it say when the rank 'B' tries to rankup?
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    Err... Is the rankup plugin outdated or something? All groups have the rankup.rankup permission, but when I type rankup, all it does it kick me with an error code "[11:59:30 INFO]: EbearPlaysMC lost connection: Internal Exception: net.minecraft.util.io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException". When I do /rankup v or /rankup r, it works fine.

    Please help, I know this is old, but please help me. Thanks!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Update your bukkit, it is not a rankup issue
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    If i have a prison server and i rankup from A to B, how do i make it manuadd them to the B group? FYI using group manager. Thanks for the help. . .
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    .........Alrighty then
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