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    Plugin category: Prison

    Suggested name: PrisonRankup

    What I want: for version 1.7.9R0.1
    I need a plugin for my prison server that uses groupmanager and when a player for Example is Rank [A] and they do /rankup it will take a custom amount of money from there account that i will be able to edit in the config and they will be added to Rank and have the perms of B rank. it Also needs to be compatible with EssentialsEco. And one last thing, when a player does /rankup it runs the command /manuadd [PlayersName] [Group] through the console So that they are added to the group through GroupManager. I would also like the plugin to be custom to my server
    And when they /RankUp it announces [PlayerName] Has Ranked up to [Rank]!

    Ideas for commands:
    /rankup: basic command for ranking up for a cost, that uses /manuadd [PlayerName] [Group]
    /ru: Shortened version of /rankup
    /ranks: List all the ranks and there costs, For OP only.
    /rankconfig: To edit the ranks and their costs through In-Game commands (Not Needed but would be neat to have)

    Ideas for permissions: I have all the permissions set up with groupmanager just need a rankup plugin to connect with it so that when they rankup they get the perms of the Rank.

    When I'd like it by: Within a week would be nice. But willing to wait 2-3 weeks, Sooner the Better :)
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    I think they already make one for this
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    You can try this one. <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>

    There is quite a bit of these plugins out there on bukkit or spigot.
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    Killuall99 I just tried this on and it always gives me the error: 'there was an internal error with this command.' I dont know how to fix this
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    Use Prison-Rankup Ill teach u how
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    You can message the owner of the plugin on spigot and he would gladly help you there I bet.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Killuall99 Or just on bukkit. Please don't post spigot links in this section.
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    I am the developer/creator of EZRanksLite...

    What problems were you having when setting it up?

    I am almost positive you just didn't get the message 'there was an internal error with this command.'
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    OFFTOPIC: Could you add to cuystomize the bar icons? Like to have ||| (in minecraft) instead of those blocks ect.

    ONTOPIC: Im total fine no errors everything works :)
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    What do you mean? The progress bar placeholder?
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    Yes for in the sscoreboard those progress bars (those little blocks)
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