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    My players are a bit TOO centralized. Their giant build projects encroach on eachother. When we create a world there is not incentive to spread out.

    I thought it would be great to have a plugin that essentially gives everyone a different spawn area. It would have a customizable radius and use the actual spawn point as the center of that radius.

    From there, when each player logs in, they will be placed on a radian from the spawn point. The land they are given (check to make sure they aren't in the ocean?) is their new home to develop.

    Auto generation of Totems marking their spawn, and perhapse another for the Center Point would be good (obsidian?). In this way players would be able to find the center and have a central meeting place (like a town), without feeling as though they were TOO near eachother (On my server players like knowing they are together, but each doing their own thing).

    There would need to be some math so that when the point is calculated along the radian, then another rains down from the sky to then hit and find the "ground" so they are not put in the middle of a mountain, but rather on top.

    As an artist, who went to a Game Design college, and had a few programming classes, I can conceptualize these things easily and efficently, but I can't program well. I -could- do this, but it would be maddening and I would go very slow. If someone else wants to tackle this, it would very VERY cool of you.

    Thank you in advance. Let's have a discussion below.

    ((There may need to be optional commands to let admins warp to people's totems and the "central" totem as well))
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    If this is generally unwanted, too complicated, or a dumb idea, let's talk about it.
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    It sounds like a cool idea, I'm just swamped at the moment. If no one has made this by the time I'm free I'll definitely make it for you.
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    I appreciate it. Thank you.

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