Random PC Crash after running the server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Deleted user, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Deleted user

    Was running my server.
    Using an i5 3450 and 8gs of ram on Windows 7.

    It wasn't up all that long compared to how long it's been.
    When I came back to the computer there was nothing running on the screen and the server console was minimized just as I left it.
    My CPU usage was at about 7-10% and ram usage at around 25-30%.

    All looked fine and normal. I move my cursor to go click on the browser and shortly after my entire screen turns the color of my start bar at the bottom which is teal.

    No shortcuts would trigger anything. Couldn't even logout or get into the multi-view task manager screen so I had to shut the PC off.

    Booted it up and all seems normal but what on earth was that all about?
    Never seen anything like that happen before and I see no reason the server would have crashed my computer when it uses little to run.

    anyone have any idea?
    Kind of freaked out.
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    Doesn't really sound like a problem caused by Bukkit.
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    hasn't anything to do with bukkit.
    Might be java, but as well it might be anything else that was running on your computer right then.
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    thats just cause ur graphics card crashed cause the whole system to lag happens time to time for me
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