Random Chest Spawn In Mines! READ!

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    Name: MineChests

    Idea: Owners set the 2 positions of the mines, then can set a percentage of getting a Random chest when mining the blocks. When a player is mining and finds a chest, a message pops up saying "You got a random loot Chest!" Or something like that. (Configurable). Then the player opens it but he doesn't actually, it just goes into his inventory with the rewards in the config.

    For: OP Prison servers for the mines.

    Must work with: World edit so we can set the 2 positions of the mines

    Admin commands:

    /MineChest set chest (Basically just allows the chests to spawn there randomly based off of a percentage

  2. Quags05 This would have to hook in with MineResetLight and not get overridden by mrl mines.
  3. Quags05 TheGamesHawk2001 You could just remove the world edit and make it when they mine diamond/emerald blocks in a certain world.
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    Well then I would like it to be configurable if so. So i can add like stone,cobble,iron ore, iron blocks. Etc....
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    This would be an easy plugin to code, if i had better understanding of config and String[] so i could do something better to add items to a random chest to spawn like the config look something like
    chance: this would be 1 out of the number placed here so if you put 50 here then it will have a chance of 1/50
    effects: effects to spawn when the player found a chest!
    autosenditemstoinventory: true/false #so this will send the items in the chest to the player inventory if its full it will drop in the floor!
    fireworks: true/false
    broadcastmessage: true/false
    messagetobroadcast: "this is the default message to broadcast if broadcastmessage is true this will apear when a player claims a random chest!"
    - diamondsword 1 (instead of DIAMOND_SWORD 1) or could also use ids instead of names less confusing config

    This is just an idea of a better configuration for this plugin request
    so if someone will help me with the item names and config i will definitely take this request with help!
    EDIT: Also of course if the mine reset the chest will despawn since the player is teleported to top of the mine and the inventory he had opened will close and the chest will disapear or we can do a tick to check if the player had opened the chest and taked the items then remove the chest from a hashmap and if the chest still there it will put the chest back in place and also a config to remove the chest after a certain amount of seconds
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    How about just using OtherDrops and Lootbox? You could create a lootbox and have a certain block in the mine drop it.
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