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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Heaved, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: Random Box

    What I want: I'd like If Someone Make Me A Plugin ^-^ Its A Random Box Plugin . So U Have A Command Like /Setbox To Set The Random Box [Facing A Chest] So When U Left Click It Will Open A Preview GUI About The Rewards And On Right Click U Will Open IT With Cool CSGO Effect When The CSGO Effect Ends U Will Win Just 1 Item[​IMG]
    So For The Item To Open The Random Box u can Config It As U Like In The Config YML But I Want Like U Need 6 Gold Ingot To Open The Random Box . That's All ^-^

    Ideas for commands: /Setbox to set the random box

    Ideas for permissions: randombox.set for the /setbox command

    When I'd like it by: As Soon As You Can . And Thank UUUU
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    Hi, I can finally tell you that the plugin is in beta. Its a responsive plugin, so it is possible that it contains some bugs that I haven't detected yet.

    Please use the plugin and tell me what implementations you want and what bugs you find.

    How does it work?

    /setbox -> Add a chest in your location and it is added in the config, if it is broken, it will be deleted in the config.

    Random objects should also be placed in the config. (For now, in the future I will implement that you can add enchanted objects and NBT).

    I know you asked for gold when you open the chest, but for the next update I will add that you can add the resource you want.

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    Hello And Thanks Again For The Plugin . It's So Cool . Just Need Some Things Like :
    - U Need 6 Gold Ingot To Open The Random Box
    - Amount Of The Prize Like In The Picture But 6 Redstone . 3 Diamonds ..
    - So If U Don't Have The Needed Amount Of Gold [6 Gold] To Open The Box . It Will Send A Message Like [U Don't Have 6 Gold To Open The Box !]

    That's All . And Thank You So Much For This Plugin ^-^
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    I'm happy to announce you that I have finally finished the update:

    What's New:

    - You must have 6 ingots to open the chest.
    - Added in the configuration to be able to place multiple objects of the same type. (Dont leave it without any number as it will give an error in the console).
    - Code optimization.
    - Fixed the incompatibility bug with "SpecialAxes". (The new version of ChestCommands also gives me error without any plugin, but with a less new version it does not give any problem with RandomBox).

    Please give me feedback and any possible errors I may give you.

    In less than 1 week I will publish the new version to place objects in the box easier and NBT type, permissions, multiple boxes, etc...
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    Hello And Thanks Again

    The Message Of You Don't Have 6 Gold Ingot Is Working But When I Get 6 Gold And Right Click The Box It Show Me This

    i searched for anything to do with it but in the config was like the previous time
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    My fault for not changing the default config.
    As I said before, you need to specify a number for each object:

    - diamond 1
    - redstone 3

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    OMG It's Working Thank You So Much Bro <3333333
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