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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Door Knob, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Door Knob

    Hi. I've always been wondering if it's possible to center an object with SafeHTML (on bukkitdev plugin page or whatever). Is this possible? I tried <center>, I've tried adding style attribute, but apparently they're all stripped.
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    I'd suggest using WikiCreole, makes making project pages so much easier
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    Use <<center>>.
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    Door Knob

    I used to, but then I thought HTML would let me center.
    I'll do that. thanks!

    EDIT: <<center>> didn't work.

    any idea how I can center something with WikiCreole?

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    WikiCreole should still work on SafeHTML pages.
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    Door Knob

    Like I said, <<center>>text<</center>> didn't work. SafeHTML strips it.
    Okay, I see, it's with Wikicreole. Is there a way to center images?
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    Just put the image inside the center tags.
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    Door Knob

    Tried the obvious, did not work.

    EDIT: Too stupid to do things right, and somehow it worked.
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    I do it fine on all of my pages.
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    Door Knob

    Yep, thanks a lot for the help.
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    Is there any WYSIWYG editor application that allows to create an SafeHTML code?
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